Tabular is at the core of
Power BI and Analysis Services

Want to create Enterprise-grade Power BI solutions?
You need to master Tabular!

The Mastering Tabular video course teaches you how to plan, implement, and deploy complete Power BI - or Analysis Services - solutions in an enterprise environment. You can master all the features available in Tabular.

You will benefit from learning this technology if you are a:

  • Power BI author
    Bring your models to the next level by understanding the details of the model features available in Power BI Desktop and by knowing the additional features available in external tools like Tabular Editor.
  • Business Intelligence developer
    Learn how to create a model for Analysis Services or Power BI Premium using Visual Studio or Tabular Editor, how to deploy and automate the processing, and how to implement security requirements.
  • Solution architect
    Understand how the Tabular engine running in Power BI and Analysis Services works. Learn all the details needed to choose the right model type depending on latency requirements and on the budget available: Import, DirectQuery, aggregations, composite models, or push datasets.
  • System administrator
    Learn how to monitor the Tabular engine, how to manage partitions, and how to implement and schedule incremental refresh.
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Choose the right tool for your job!

You need more than a single tool to create an enterprise-level solution for Power BI or Analysis Services.
Power BI Desktop, Visual Studio, Tabular Editor, DAX Studio:
what is the best tool for each task?

Learn how to make the right choices with Mastering Tabular.