Enterprise Bundles

HR people and team managers! We are making it easy for you to purchase courses for your teams based on their responsibilities.

Our dedicated enterprise bundles each require a license manager who will be assigning the licenses to individuals. Different licenses within a bundle can be assigned to different people. The license manager can then supervise and track the progress of each student.

For both the essentials and the advanced bundles, we give you the option to pick transferable or non-transferable licenses*.

* Non-transferable licenses are assigned to one person by the license manager, and are available on demand for the whole 36 months they are valid. Transferable licenses act as a library – you assign the license to a person, then revoke the access to pass it onto another person.

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Essential Bundle


This bundle is essential for your business analysts and data analysts – team members who create models for themselves or for smaller groups and work to extract insights from their data.

This bundle includes:

Advanced Bundle


This bundle will empower your advanced IT professionals, your BI development teams, data professionals who are creating models full time and concerned with performance issues, to become more productive. They will be able to optimize performance, thus reducing your overall Power BI costs.

This bundle includes: