Introducing DAX Video Course

This is an introductory video course about the DAX language. DAX is the native language of Power BI, Power Pivot for Excel, and SSAS Tabular models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The training is aimed at users of Power BI, Power Pivot for Excel, and at Analysis Services developers that want to move the first steps with DAX.

The goal is to teach the DAX language using Power BI for all the examples. You can download the initial Power BI Desktop file used in the demos and repeat all the steps shown in the videos. The same concepts can be used also on Power Pivot and on Analysis Services Tabular. The course is made of 150 minutes of lectures. You can watch the videos at anytime and the system will keep track of your advances. Within the course you can download the slides and the initial Power BI file used in the demos.


  • Presentation of Introducing DAX

    • Presentation of Introducing DAX Video Course
  • Slides and examples

    • How to download and use the examples
  • Introduction to DAX

    • Introduction to DAX
    • What is DAX?
    • Calculated Columns
    • Measures
    • Aggregation Functions
    • Using Variables
  • Table Functions

    • Table Functions
    • Calculated Tables
    • Filtering a Table
    • Removing Filters
    • Mixing Filters
  • Evaluation Contexts

    • Evaluation Contexts
    • What is an Evaluation Context?
    • Example of a Filter Context
    • Row Context
    • There are Always Two Contexts

    • What is CALCULATE?
    • Filters are Tables
  • Evaluation Contexts and Relationships

    • Evaluation Contexts and Relationships
    • Filters and Relationships
    • Row Context - Many Tables
    • Filter Context - Many Tables
    • Context Transition
  • Time Intelligence in DAX

    • Time Intelligence in DAX
    • Date Table
    • What is Time Intelligence?
  • Conclusion

    • Conclusion

Training Platform

This course is conducted through our training platform which is immersive and designed to facilitate your experience.

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  • jhampier tapia (Jun 28, 2020)


  • George Ngoh (Jun 8, 2020)

    I wish they would 1) speak slower 2) stop talking over each other and at the same time 3) do a screenshot of the formula we need to type out so that we dont need to pause and start the video so many times. Sometimes the formula is blocked by the arrow or the instructor's head.

  • Joe Romano (Nov 13, 2019)

    There were a number of good points, but it really wasn't an introductory course as it assumed the viewer already had a certain level of knowledge about DAX. Would have been better to start at the real basics and build from there in little pieces, each of which is explained in detail. Additionally, it was difficult enough trying to filter through the narrator's heavy accent to follow what he was saying, but the occasional banter between him and the off-screen person became very distracting.

  • P G (Jul 2, 2018)

    A good intro - thanks very much. Still having trouble getting my head around some of it so will have to do more training. ciao