Introducing SQLBI Days

SQLBI Days are an exceptional type of event we are launching in 2024.
We are organizing one-day lectures of various levels, with Marco Russo or Alberto Ferrari on stage. Marco and Alberto are both seasoned and regular speakers at international conferences. They have decades of BI and data analysis experience, and they are established experts working with and teaching DAX to people of all levels.

So come prepared and ready to take notes, as regardless of the Day(s) you choose, you will be absorbing DAX knowledge coming straight from the world’s leading experts… And they have a very precise idea of what you need to learn, both at the beginner level and at more advanced levels!

Conference-like Experience

SQLBI Days are not traditional classroom courses.
They are more like a conference, where you can listen to the speaker and take notes. There will be no hands-on exercises, but you will have the chance to ask questions and interact with the speaker.
For DAX Newbies

Day: Introduction to DAX

This one-day course will have you learning DAX essentials from the world’s best, who know the issues that newbies are facing when they get started. Because it is just one day, the impact on your work week is minimal while still bearing fruit in the long term as your DAX journey starts off right. If you have not had a chance to attend the introductory sessions Marco and Alberto deliver at conferences, this is your chance all the while committing to only one day!

For DAX Intermediates
At this time, we don't have SQLBI Days available for DAX Intermediates. Instead, we offer Mastering DAX classroom courses.
For DAX Pros

Day: Advanced DAX

Marco or Alberto will challenge you in your existing knowledge of DAX. Together, you will revisit the important foundations of key concepts such as row context, filter context, context transition, and functions like CALCULATE and KEEPFILTERS, which many advanced users do not actually fully understand. You will gather insights about data lineage, expanded tables, dependencies in calculated columns and tables, and different types of relationships, and this will likely shed some light on challenges you may be facing in your work with DAX.

The goal of this Day is to consolidate the more advanced concepts of DAX so you can figure out how to solve more complex calculations in DAX, or identify why an existing measure in your model does not work as expected.

Day: First Steps in DAX Optimization

Efficient and optimized DAX code is a big part of your organization’s success: it is faster, makes users happier, and represents significant savings in terms of Power BI capacity.

If you have not had a chance to study our Optimizing DAX video course, but are working with DAX at a level where performance and capacity usage are starting to be key, you need to attend this Day. You will learn what is needed to optimize DAX and which tools to use. It will set you up to better absorb and understand farther, in-depth optimization content offered by SQLBI.

Special Offers

Bundle Discount: Advanced DAX + First Steps in DAX Optimization

Attend both Advanced DAX and First Steps in DAX Optimization to obtain a discount of $200.

Alumni Discount

If you have already attended a DAX Mastering classroom course or enrolled in Mastering DAX video course, you are eligible for an additional $100 discount on the Advanced DAX day and/or the First Steps in DAX Optimization day. The discounts are cumulative, so you can save $200 if you attend both days.