We recently consolidated the enterprise offering of SQLBI video courses by introducing bundles that simplify the purchase process. These bundles are available for both transferable and non-transferable licenses, including a special offer for SQLBI+. Last but not least, we added a Licensing API for companies that want to integrate the license assignment into their system.

Licensing API

Companies that purchase access to SQLBI video courses for their employees have a web user interface for the license manager, who can assign and revoke course access for the company employees.

The licensing API provides access to these same features, thus enabling a deeper integration with HR processes. It is possible to browse the available licenses and courses, to assign and revoke a course from a student, and to verify the progress of existing students.

We created this API based on customer feedback – let us know if your company would benefit from additional features in this API!

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Enterprise bundles

When we are approached by the HR department of companies looking for a full training set about DAX and semantic models for their employees, it could be complex to make the right choice for the company’s needs. For this reason, we created two enterprise bundles:

  • Essentials bundle: This bundle is for business analysts and data analysts, team members who create models for themselves or for smaller groups and work to extract insights from their data. It includes the Data Modeling for Power BI and Mastering DAX video courses.
  • Advanced bundle: For advanced IT professionals, BI development teams, and data professionals who are creating models full-time and are concerned with performance issues. This bundle aims to make them more productive. They will be able to optimize performance, thus reducing your overall Power BI costs. This bundle includes Data Modeling for Power BI, Mastering DAX, Mastering Tabular, Optimizing DAX, Power BI Dashboard Design, DAX Patterns, and 3 years of access to SQLBI+.

Each bundle can be used for transferable and non-transferable licenses. Bundle purchases are assigned to a license manager, who can control how the licenses are used within the company.

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Transferable vs. non-transferable licenses

The regular licenses for video courses are called “non-transferable licenses” because they are tied to one individual. The license manager can assign a non-transferable license at any time but cannot reassign it to another user.

The transferable licenses on the other hand, allow flexibility as they can be reassigned among users throughout the time period they are valid for. They can be used like a book in a library: users can “borrow” and “return” licenses as needed, thus optimizing training costs and maximizing the use of each license. The license manager can control license assignments, duration, and also monitor student progress.

With the transferable licenses, all the students receive attendance certificates at the completion of the video course, and they retain their progress – including notes and bookmarks – even when they no longer have access to the video course.

We have observed different uses for these features: some companies set goals for the students and assign a course to each person for a limited period of time. Other companies prefer a customized approach, transferring the course only after it has been “returned” by the student. We created a flexible system that can be adapted to different requirements.

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SQLBI provides a rich set of video courses for semantic model authors who work with Power BI and Analysis Services. The Enterprise Bundles simplify the purchase of the right courses for the company workforce, and the different licensing systems can optimize the cost. With the new Licensing API, it is now possible to automate and integrate the activities of the license manager into your HR infrastructure.