SSAS Tabular Workshop

This two-day workshop covers the Tabular modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 and includes exercises to make practice with DAX and Tabular modeling. Most of the topics are valid also for versions 2012/2014.

The course is aimed to professionals who want to exploit the full power of the Tabular models in Analysis Services. No knowledge of previous versions of Analysis Services (Multidimensional) is required, because Tabular is based on different concepts and on the DAX language (instead of MDX).
You will also learn the differences between the two technologies (Tabular and Multidimensional) and when to choose one over the other.

After this course, you can attend the Mastering DAX Workshop in order to learn how to write complex measures and queries using the DAX Language, which is just shortly introduced in the SSAS Tabular Workshop course.

This course has been renewed in 2016 and covers all the new features introduced by Analysis Services 2016.

Course outline (PDF)

Based on the book

Tabular Modeling in SQL Server Analysis Services (2nd Edition)

Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo
Microsoft Press