Sorry, this course is discontinued.

This course has been replaced with the new Mastering Tabular Video Course.

Mastering Tabular includes all the topics covered by SSAS Tabular, plus new features introduced by Azure Analysis Services and Power BI.

SSAS Tabular Video Course

This recorded video course covers the Tabular modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 workshop.

The very content we deliver in classroom courses is now available in recorded format, at your fingertips. No knowledge of previous version of Analysis Services – Multidimensional – is required; Tabular is based on different concepts and on the DAX language, rather than MDX.

Students have access to a private discussion area where they can interact with the instructors asking questions related to the lectures and the exercises.

This video course was refreshed in 2016 and covers all the new features introduced by Analysis Services 2016, like the new DirectQuery engine, the integrated workspace, and bidirectional filter propagation in relationships.

In order to complete your training on Analysis Services Tabular, after this video course you should follow the Mastering DAX video course. In the Mastering DAX video course, you will learn how to write complex measures and queries using the DAX language, which is just shortly introduced in the SSAS Tabular video course.

Collapse allCurriculum

  • Presentation of SSAS Tabular Video Course

    • Presentation of SSAS Tabular Video Course
  • Slides and examples

    • How to download and use the examples
  • Introduction to Analysis Services

    • Introduction to Analysis Services
    • What is Analysis Services?
    • SSAS Architecture
    • SSAS Server Mode
  • Installing Analysis Services

    • Installing Analysis Services
    • Installing SSAS 2016
    • Choosing the Account for the Service
    • Conclusions
  • Guided Tour of Tabular

    • Guided Tour of Tabular
    • Sample Project
    • Key Points
    • Project Properties
    • Model Properties
    • Calculated Columns
    • Measures
    • Calculated Tables
    • Different Views of the Project
    • Other Topics
    • Querying with Excel
    • Querying with Power BI
    • Querying with SSMS
    • DAX Studio
    • DAX Editor
    • Conclusions
  • Loading Data

    • Loading Data
    • Data Sources
    • Impersonation
    • Loading from SQL Server
    • Working with Big Tables
    • Loading from SSAS
    • Loading from Clipboard
    • DataSource Requirements
    • Conclusions
  • Tabular Presentation Layer

    • Tabular Presentation Layer
    • Introduction
    • What are Hierarchies?
    • Naming Objects
    • Sorting Options
    • Formatting Options
    • Perspectives
    • Table Properties
    • Display Folders
    • Translations
    • KPI
    • Conclusions
  • VertiPaq In-Memory Engine

    • VertiPaq In-Memory Engine
    • How In-Memory Engine Works?
    • What is the VertiPaq Engine?
    • Run Length Encoding (RLE)
    • VertiPaq In-Memory Compression
    • Conclusions
  • DirectQuery Mode

    • DirectQuery Mode
    • How DirectQuery Works?
    • DirectQuery Advantages
    • VertiPaq versus DirectQuery
    • DirectQuery Settings
    • Sample Data Partitions
    • Setting DirectQuery with SSMS
    • Using DAX in DirectQuery
    • Query Limits
    • Monitoring DirectQuery
    • Real Time and Coherency of Values
    • DirectQuery Scenarios
    • Row-Level Security
    • Conclusions
  • Handling Security

    • Handling Security
    • Security in SSAS Tabular
    • Role-Based Security
    • Administrator Role
    • Basic Data Security
    • Testing Security in Excel
    • Security = Filter Context
    • Role-Driven Dynamic Security
    • Dynamic Security Functions
    • DirectQuery Security
    • Conclusions
  • Relationships and Modeling in Tabular

    • Relationships and Modeling in Tabular
    • Introduction
    • Tabular Relationships
    • What to Store in the Model?
    • Many-to-Many Relationships
    • What is Ambiguity?
    • Conclusions
  • VertiPaq Internals

    • VertiPaq Internals
    • Introduction
    • Segmentation
    • Segment Configuration
    • Data Memory Usage
    • Available DMV
    • Large Dimensions
    • Memory Usage During Process
    • Conclusions
  • Hardware

    • Hardware
    • Introduction
    • Buying the Hardware
    • The NUMA Issue
    • Running in Virtual Machines
    • Conclusions
  • Processing and Partitioning Tabular Models

    • Processing and Partitioning Tabular Models
    • Introduction
    • Deploying a Solution from SSDT
    • Other Deployment Techniques
    • Partitioning Strategy
    • Processing Options
    • Executing Process
    • Near Real Time
    • Conclusions
  • Monitoring Tabular

    • Monitoring Tabular
    • Introduction
    • The SSAS Process
    • SSAS Configuration
    • VertiPaq Paging
    • Memory Limits
    • Performance Counters
    • SQL Profiler
    • Extended Events
    • Conclusions
  • Interfacing with Tabular

    • Interfacing with Tabular
    • Introduction
    • AMO and TOM Libraries
    • TMSL Commands
    • Automating Process and Partitioning
    • Automate Deployment
    • Manipulate a Data Model
    • Conclusions
  • Conclusion

    • Conclusion
Student Rating
48 ratings
Student Reviews (30)
  • Tiago Valente (Sep 16, 2021)

    I was hoping/expecting to have more practical examples. A lot of the course was directed as teaching in a university lecture type format. This form of learning does not resonate as well with me as others. I wanted more practical tutorial type work. Otherwise the course was very thorough and it explained things very well.

    • Hi Tiago, Thank you for your review. As we have announced over several channels, the SSAS Tabular video course is now obsolete and was replaced by the Mastering Tabular video course. You will find the latter inside your account, valid for whatever amount of time you had access to SSAS Tab. Thanks, Claire
      Reply by Claire Costa (Sep 17, 2021)
  • AJIBOLA ADETULA (Jun 2, 2021)

    awesome a nice upgrade section(s) as it relates to azure and new update SSAS/ Synapse analytics will be welcome and relevant

  • Tarek Al Bani (May 12, 2021)

    The best SSAS course available, looking forward for new content encompassing Tabular in Power BI Premium

  • Cynthia B Huallanca (Apr 8, 2021)

    Thrilled to be able to enjoy such a complete and detailed training of the bests of the field. Thank you for all that you do Marco and Alberto!!

  • Anthony Orzechowski (Feb 14, 2021)

    Hi. I'm nearly halfway through the class, but wanted to add some notes before I forget these ... Overall, it is well done and the instructors are clearly knowledgeable and experienced. With that said, there are a number of videos where the instructors were not prepared for the response from the system (e.g. when their DAX Studio tool did not work), rather than showing this to show users real life problems, but the instructors never updated the video with what it should look like when working correctly. This should be done. Also, the instructors sometimes assume some working dba knowledge of the student that may not exist and this causes issues understanding what is being presented. For example, the concept of impersonation is presented on how to work with it, but the concept is never really introduced for a novice. The same for the interactions between SSDT, SSAS, SSMS and the credentials, etc. This could be done more effectively for a novice with some visuals rather than words. Overall, nicely done, but definitely opportunities to update and improve including integration of the "new" 2019 SSAS features by reworking some video modules.

    • Hi Anthony, Thank you for your feedback. As a matter of fact we are working on a new edition due to come out later in the year!
      Reply by Claire Costa (Feb 15, 2021)
  • Johan van der Wilk (Dec 28, 2020)

    This course was very useful in combination with the book: Tabular Modeling in MSSAS

  • Ricardo Rincon (Nov 7, 2020)

    the best ssas tabular course in the planet, point.

  • Ricardo Rincon (Nov 7, 2020)

    Like all paid or free courses offered in SQLBI, they are by far the best on the planet both in content and in the way they are delivered.

  • Neeraj Pokhrel (Jul 28, 2020)

    Thankyou provided with a lots of insight into SSAS Tabular practices.Looking forward for the DAX course.

  • Stefan Hedengren (May 21, 2020)

    Great course to get a good understanding of Tabular - feeling more comfortable to take a Tabular assignment after watching this.

  • Andrei Bulatov (May 9, 2020)

    Gracia! Very nice course indeed!

  • Andres Cuñarro (May 3, 2020)

    The course is very straightforward and easy to follow. A good way to get important concepts and tips to then submerge in more lectures and practice.

  • Igor Celik (Dec 22, 2019)

    Excellent, Thanks guys!

  • Kenneth Barber (Dec 2, 2019)

    Good course about a product that clearly still needs a lot of work. Everything is presented very clearly. However, this course lacks the usual SQLBI polish. With more careful planning, the course could have been shorter, could have avoided capturing the confusion of the instructors, and could have had fewer moments where Alberto interrupts Marco. I look forward to a possible 2nd edition of this course, which will hopefully be a better course about a better product.

  • Leonardo Russo (Nov 8, 2019)

    Grazie e complimenti per il corso. Semplice da seguire ma allo stesso tempo dettagliato e pratico. ps Sarebbe bello averne anche uno per SSAS MD.