SSAS Tabular Video Course

This recorded video course covers the Tabular modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016. The same content that we deliver in in-person workshops is now available – in recorded format – at your desktop. The course is aimed to professionals who want to exploit the full power of the Tabular models in Analysis Services. No knowledge of previous versions of Analysis Services (Multidimensional) is required, because Tabular is based on different concepts and on the DAX language (instead of MDX).

In order to complete your training on Analysis Services Tabular, after this course you can attend (or view online) the Mastering DAX Workshop. In that course, you will learn how to write complex measures and queries using the DAX language, which is just shortly introduced in this video training.

This course has been renewed in 2016 and covers all the new features introduced by Analysis Services 2016, like the new DirectQuery engine, the integrated workspace, and bidirectional filter propagation in relationships.


  This video course has been recorded in English and includes subtitles in English.

Course Curriculum
  1. Presentation of SSAS Tabular Video Course
    •   Presentation of SSAS Tabular Video Course FREE
  2. Slides and examples
    •   How to download and use the examples
  3. Introduction to Analysis Services
    •   Introduction to Analysis Services FREE
    •   What is Analysis Services? FREE
    •   SSAS Architecture FREE
    •   SSAS Server Mode FREE
  4. Installing Analysis Services
    •   Installing Analysis Services FREE
    •   Installing SSAS 2016
    •   Choosing the Account for the Service
    •   Conclusions
  5. Guided Tour of Tabular
    •   Guided Tour of Tabular FREE
    •   Sample Project
    •   Key Points
    •   Project Properties
    •   Model Properties
    •   Calculated Columns FREE
    •   Measures FREE
    •   Calculated Tables
    •   Different Views of the Project
    •   Other Topics
    •   Querying with Excel
    •   Querying with Power BI
    •   Querying with SSMS
    •   DAX Studio
    •   DAX Editor
    •   Conclusions
  6. Loading Data
    •   Loading Data FREE
    •   Data Sources
    •   Impersonation
    •   Loading from SQL Server
    •   Working with Big Tables
    •   Loading from SSAS
    •   Loading from Clipboard
    •   DataSource Requirements
    •   Conclusions
  7. Tabular Presentation Layer
    •   Tabular Presentation Layer FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   What are Hierarchies?
    •   Naming Objects
    •   Sorting Options
    •   Formatting Options FREE
    •   Perspectives
    •   Table Properties
    •   Display Folders FREE
    •   Translations
    •   KPI
    •   Conclusions
  8. VertiPaq In-Memory Engine
    •   VertiPaq In-Memory Engine FREE
    •   How In-Memory Engine Works?
    •   What is the VertiPaq Engine?
    •   Run Length Encoding (RLE)
    •   VertiPaq In-Memory Compression
    •   Conclusions
  9. DirectQuery Mode
    •   DirectQuery Mode FREE
    •   How DirectQuery Works?
    •   DirectQuery Advantages
    •   VertiPaq versus DirectQuery
    •   DirectQuery Settings
    •   Sample Data Partitions
    •   Setting DirectQuery with SSMS
    •   Using DAX in DirectQuery
    •   Query Limits
    •   Monitoring DirectQuery
    •   Real Time and Coherency of Values
    •   DirectQuery Scenarios
    •   Row-Level Security
    •   Conclusions
  10. Handling Security
    •   Handling Security FREE
    •   Security in SSAS Tabular
    •   Role-Based Security
    •   Administrator Role
    •   Basic Data Security
    •   Testing Security in Excel
    •   Security = Filter Context
    •   Role-Driven Dynamic Security
    •   Dynamic Security Functions
    •   DirectQuery Security
    •   Conclusions
  11. Relationships and Modeling in Tabular
    •   Relationships and Modeling in Tabular FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   Tabular Relationships
    •   What to Store in the Model?
    •   Many-to-Many Relationships
    •   What is Ambiguity?
    •   Conclusions
  12. VertiPaq Internals
    •   VertiPaq Internals FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   Segmentation
    •   Segment Configuration FREE
    •   Data Memory Usage
    •   Available DMV
    •   Large Dimensions
    •   Memory Usage During Process
    •   Conclusions
  13. Hardware
    •   Hardware FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   Buying the Hardware
    •   The NUMA Issue
    •   Running in Virtual Machines
    •   Conclusions
  14. Processing and Partitioning Tabular Models
    •   Processing and Partitioning Tabular Models FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   Deploying a Solution from SSDT
    •   Other Deployment Techniques
    •   Partitioning Strategy
    •   Processing Options
    •   Executing Process
    •   Near Real Time
    •   Conclusions
  15. Monitoring Tabular
    •   Monitoring Tabular FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   The SSAS Process
    •   SSAS Configuration
    •   VertiPaq Paging
    •   Memory Limits FREE
    •   Performance Counters
    •   SQL Profiler
    •   Extended Events
    •   Conclusions
  16. Interfacing with Tabular
    •   Interfacing with Tabular FREE
    •   Introduction
    •   AMO and TOM Libraries
    •   TMSL Commands
    •   Automating Process and Partitioning
    •   Automate Deployment FREE
    •   Manipulate a Data Model
    •   Conclusions
  17. Conclusion
    •   Conclusion

Course access

  This video course is hosted by SQLBI on Vimeo platform, and it will be accessible on desktop and mobile browsers for three years (36 months) after the purchase date.
After registering to the course, you will receive an email containing the credentials to access the training. Please note that these credentials are intended as personal and you should not share them with other people.

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