SQLBI+ is a subscription service that offers exclusive access to advanced content on DAX, Power BI, and Analysis Services, created by top experts Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo.

This subscription is not a replacement for our other, foundational courses: it is an additional service for professional model authors who spend considerable time creating and deploying Tabular models in Power BI and Analysis Services.

Structured courses, white papers, and individual sessions are the primary formats you can find on SQLBI+. The topics are diverse and very specialized.

We constantly add new content to SQLBI+; in fact we are committed to adding at least 2 new courses and 4 other pieces of content every year. 

Learn more about the philosophy of SQLBI+ on this article.

What is included (so far)

  • Video Course + White Paper

    Composite Models

    9 lectures - 5 hours  The Composite Models video course describes in depth how Power BI and Analysis Services manage the different types of composite models you can create. The goal is to understand the underlying architecture to make sure you make the right design choices to create models that can be maintained over time and provide good performance to your end users.

  • Video Course + White Paper

    Inside Calculation Groups

    26 lectures - 4 hours  Learn how to use calculation groups and how they work internally. This course is a deep dive into calculation groups in DAX.

  • White Paper

    Understanding Visual Calculations in DAX

    Visual calculations are a new feature in DAX that aims to simplify the use of DAX for users by introducing calculations at the visual level rather than at the model level.

  • Video Course + White Paper

    Window Functions in DAX

    22 lectures - 3 hours  An in-depth course on window functions in DAX.

  • Video Course + White Paper

    Writing DAX Queries

    52 lectures - 7 hours  The Writing DAX Queries video course describes the DAX query syntax and many DAX functions and techniques to manipulate data. These same techniques are also useful for creating DAX table expressions in calculated tables and in the Detail Rows Expressions in the Tabular model.

  • 01:19:47

    Different types of many-to-many relationships in DAX

    The composite models in Power BI introduced a new type of relationship cardinality called many-to-many. Nevertheless, despite their name, they are not many-to-many relationships: they are relationships between tables generated at different granularity. In this session, we clarify the purpose…

  • 01:09:34

    Inside the VertiPaq Engine

    The VertiPaq engine used by SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular, Power BI, and Power Pivot, is a columnar database capable of incredible performances, both in speed and compression. In this session, we perform a deep dive into the database architecture…

  • 46:36

    Introducing Calculation Groups in DAX and Power BI

    Calculation groups are the most important feature introduced in DAX after variables in 2015. By using calculation groups, you can apply transformations to existing measures without having to create new measures in the model. For example, you can define the…

  • 53:36

    Introducing Time Intelligence DAX functions

    DAX provides a set of functions (Time Intelligence) to compute aggregations and comparisons over a range of dates: Year-To-Date, Same-Period-Last-Year, Moving Average, and so on. The DAX time intelligence functions can work well with a month granularity, but they have…

  • 52:26

    My Power BI report is slow – What should I do?

    You created a wonderful Power BI report, but you wait too much time when you open it. Changing a slicer selection is also slow. Where should you start analyzing the problem? What can you do to optimize performance? This session…

  • 01:51:24

    Understanding Time Intelligence with DAX

    Every Power BI model has dates and the need for calculation over dates to aggregate and compare data, like Year-To-Date, Same-Period-Last-Year, Moving Average, and so on. Quick measures and standard time intelligence functions in DAX can help, but how do…

Video courses come loaded with the usual awesome features of our video learning platform: progress tracking, multi-language subtitles and transcripts, bookmarks and highlights, and a private discussion area with our team. Individual videos, instead, are more similar to conference sessions.


The planning for new content is subject to change because of Microsoft product release and market demand. We do our best to keep the roadmap up-to-date and reliable.
  • Sep 2024
    • Video Course

      Security patterns in Tabular models

      How to implement security in Tabular models considering different requirements, data model design, DAX implementation, and performance.

  • Nov 2024
    • Video Course

      Understanding visual calculations in DAX

      Internal DAX implementation of the visual calculations in Power BI. Understand what you can and cannot do with the visual calculations and how they are included in the DAX queries generated by Power BI.

More content will be announced in the coming months!