Transferable vs. Untransferable Video Course Licenses

We have noticed that for multiple students, managers and team leaders were looking for options to lower their cost of training, or to purchase licenses without necessarily knowing whom to assign them to at the time of purchase.

For this reason, our video course licenses now all come in two types:

  • Untransferable,
  • Transferable.

Untransferable licenses can only be assigned once – either at the time of purchase, or later on once you have purchased a pool of them.

Transferable licenses come with the ability for you as the license manager, to create and customize a “library” system for your team.


Licenses represent personal access to a video course. They must be assigned to one student, even temporarily, in order to be used. Licenses are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. They are either transferable or untransferable.

Untransferable licenses are licenses that can only be assigned to one person all throughout the license lifespan. You do not have to assign them to a student at the time of purchase. This is something you can do from your dashboard later on, as the license manager. This is useful if you aren’t sure who needs the license just yet at the time of purchase.

One great, new feature of our untransferable licenses is that you can delegate the assignment of the licenses to the students themselves by creating an auto-enrollment link that you send out. That can represent a significant time saving for you as the license manager, if you purchase a large number of licenses and don’t want to be entering everyone’s details yourself.

Take a look at our license manager dashboard

License Manager Guide

Transferable licenses are licenses that can be passed from student to student as many times as you want, throughout their entire lifespan. Only one student can use a license at any given time.

One feature we have made available, is the ability for the license manager to create and entirely customize a library for the students. Students can “borrow” and “return” transferable licenses, an unlimited amount of times. This can greatly reduce your cost of training – keep your transferable license working hard!

As you customize the library, you fully control whom the licenses are assigned to, when a license is revoked and re-assigned, you can follow your students’ progress, you can set the duration of availability of a license, you can even enable students to enroll themselves to keep the license moving forward around your team.

Feature Untransferable Transferable
Duration 36 months 36 months
Personalized student dashboard
Access Full, uninterrupted over 36 months As long as a student has the license assigned to them, then they lose access once it is revoked
Supervision of progress
Can be reassigned
# of students per license 1 Unlimited transfers
Concurrent users at any given time One per license purchased One per license assigned – make sure to assign them all!
Customized library


Here are the current prices of our video courses for both license types:

Video course Untransferable Transferable
$349 $1390
$349 $1390
$99 $390
$349 $1390
$349 $1390
$99 $390
$349 $1390