DAX Tools Video Course

The DAX Tools video course teaches how to use three popular tools to write and optimize DAX: DAX Studio, VertiPaq Analyzer, and Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop. All these tools are free and open-source.

DAX Studio allows you to write DAX queries and test your DAX measures in an environment where you can check the results and measure performance. You can also use DAX Studio to export data in different formats. VertiPaq Analyzer requires DAX Studio to export statistics and metadata about a data model that you can investigate in more detail using the dedicated tool. You can investigate in compression and get documentation about all the DAX expressions used in a model using VertiPaq Analyzer.

Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop makes it very handy to test your Power BI model using an Excel PivotTable without having to publish the model to the Power BI service. During the development of new DAX formulas, this tool shortens the waiting time and increases your productivity.

The course is made of 129 minutes of lectures. You can watch the videos at any time and the system will keep track of your progress. Within the course, you can download the files used in the demos.

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  • Introduction

    • Introduction
  • DAX Studio

    • DAX Studio
    • Introduction to DAX Studio
    • Connections
    • The metadata panel
    • The ribbon
    • Running a query
    • Output of a query
    • Query builder
    • Format DAX
    • Editing tools
    • Load Performance Analyzer data
    • Capturing queries executed on a server
    • Query plan and server timings
    • Run benchmark
    • View, import, export metrics
    • Export data
    • SQL Profiler and Analyze in Excel
    • Options
  • VertiPaq Analyzer

    • VertiPaq Analyzer
    • Introduction to VertiPaq Analyzer
    • Load VPAX files
    • The Tables page
    • The Columns page
    • The Partitions page
    • The User Hierarchies page
    • The Relationships page
    • The Compression page
    • The Columns Data Types page
    • The Encoding page
    • The DAX Expressions page
    • A real data demo
    • VertiPaq Analyzer vs. DAX Studio
  • Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop

    • Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop
    • Introduction to Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop
    • Trace MDX queries
    • Limitations
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Student Reviews (139)
  • zhenyu zhu (Jun 20, 2022)

    It is a great course to demo the DAX studio and Vertipaq Analyzer, I am going to practice it for our data models. Thank you so much!

  • sushma jaladi (Jun 7, 2022)


  • Rúben Duarte (Jun 7, 2022)

    The course was amazing and the contents were easy to learn and apply.

  • Irving Louis Saavedra Licera (May 22, 2022)

    Las dos herramientas aprendidas son muy utiles cuando vamos analizar los modelos de datos, o las medidas, tienen una granulidad en la informacion excelente, que nos permite monitorizar toda nuestra solucion BI. Genial curso. Gracias por compartir semejante información. Ahora a consumirlo!!

  • Charu Ambekar (Apr 30, 2022)

    Dax.do and Bravo for Power Bi need to be included in this video course new edition.

    • Hi Charu, We are evaluating that option for Bravo after the first release - coming soon, as the current version is the preview. On the other hand we don’t feel it is relevant for dax.do to be included since it is a playground more than a development tool. Thanks, Claire
      Reply by Claire Costa (May 2, 2022)
  • yusuf bas (Apr 15, 2022)

    Alberto is the best. perfect course.

  • MING ZHANG (Apr 11, 2022)

    Thank you Marco & Alberto for always providing the best training of the world :)

  • Sahil Ahmed (Apr 10, 2022)

    Hey Team, This is a wonderful insightful training about DAX tools which are most used when dealing with large data sets in Power BI. I loved the course and would be referring to it time and again. Thanks again for the wonderful knowledge.

  • Balaji Kunchakarra (Apr 10, 2022)

    These are the best videos on DAX Studio

  • Salah Hammam (Mar 19, 2022)

    Excellent Short -but enough- introduction course for what can we do with external tools and how to best optimize the workflow between, Power BI, Pivot Tables, Excel, Dax Studio, VertiPaq Analayzer, SQL Server . I highly recommend this course for who want to start with Power Bi. Thanks for the Docent

  • Kesetebirhan Delele (Mar 18, 2022)

    Not only informative, and practical, but also short and precise training that very developer should have. Thank you Kesete

  • Jaywant Nakti (Mar 14, 2022)

    Useful knowledge..Thank you for make this course.

  • Sylvain Dansereau (Mar 3, 2022)


  • Juan Aguirre (Feb 19, 2022)

    Best possible introduction to Power BI external tools, any serious developer or even user should take this short but very valuable course, thanks Alberto !

  • Gaston Clynhens (Feb 6, 2022)

    Thank you very much for this effective course! Definitely a "must read" for each DAX Developer.