UPDATE 2023-04-02: You are reading an April Fool written by ChatGPT-4!
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After years of development, listening closely to feedback and wishes from the Power BI community, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking new language designed to make your data modeling and report generation not just easier, but absolutely seamless. Get ready to welcome the future of hierarchical calculations in Power BI.

This innovative language introduces an intuitive way to craft complex hierarchical calculations like never before. Say goodbye to the old struggles and limitations, because this language is all about efficiency and clarity. The syntax is refreshingly straightforward, allowing you to express detailed data manipulations with precision and simplicity. To give you a taste of the power at your fingertips, take a look at this example:

    MEMBER MEASURES.[% of Sales] AS 
            [Measures].[Sales Amount],
                [Measures].[Sales Amount],
        [Measures].[Sales Amount],
        [Measures].[% of Sales]
                DRILLDOWNLEVEL ( {[Date].[Year-Month].[All]} ),
        ) ON ROWS
FROM [Model];

In this stunningly simple yet powerful example, the formula calculates the “% of Sales” as a measure over a hierarchical date dimension, showcasing the language’s natural ability to handle complex analytical scenarios with ease.

But wait, there’s more! This language isn’t just about making your calculations easier; it’s about opening a new realm of possibilities. Hierarchical data analysis, which was once a cumbersome task, is now as easy as pie. The above formula is just the beginning; imagine what you could achieve with the full range of capabilities at your disposal.

As we celebrate this incredible advancement, we’re eager to see how it revolutionizes your Power BI reports. The potential is limitless, and we’re confident that this will mark a new era in data analysis and visualization. Embrace the change, dive into this new language, and let it take your Power BI experience to heights you’ve never imagined.