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  • If you have 30 seconds available, please vote the following items on Connect: https://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/679618/import-attribute-key-from-ssas-in-powerpivot When you import data coming from an Analysis Services cube in PowerPivot, you cannot import the attribute key value. Only the attribute name is included in…  Read more

  • Today I come into a nice bug (misfeature?) of SSIS 2008 and I’d like to share it with you. Let’s start from the beginning: One of the keys to make something speedy is to parallelize it. In TableDifference I read…  Read more

  • <rant mode=”funny”> Most of the time I submitted an issue to Microsoft Connect, I got a “it’s by design” answer. I’ve been always irritated by this sentence because they don’t admit in this way that they have a bug. Today,…  Read more

  • I just submitted a suggestion feedback to SQL Server development team. It is very bad for the user to be forced to see measures under their physical measure groups. There are a lot of reasons for which a customer would…  Read more

  • The DAX query syntax allows you to insert a parameter by using the @ symbol. EVALUATE CALCULATETABLE(     ‘Product Subcategory’,     ‘Product Category’[Product Category Name] = @Category ) Depending on the client and on the driver you are using to…  Read more

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