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  • There are several versions of PowerPivot available and starting with Excel 2013 there are also several versions of Excel. It is useful to look at the compatibility between the different versions of Excel and PowerPivot available now. As a general…  Read more

  • PowerPivot for Excel is an Add-In which uses a local version of Analysis Services (SSAS) to process data and make calculation to respond to user queries made using Excel 2010. The SSAS engine is loaded in-memory in the process of…  Read more

  • A couple of weeks ago the first version of Vizubi has been released. It is an Excel AddIn with many of the features of PowerPivot, but also with a few important differences. I made some tests and in this post…  Read more

  • Our new book about PowerPivot 2013 is finally available in printed edition, too! The title is Microsoft Excel 2013: Building Data Models with PowerPivot and it is a partial rewriting of the previous book about PowerPivot for Excel 2010. In…  Read more

  • link In many workshops and sessions about PowerPivot the most frequently asked question has always been: how can I automate the PowerPivot Data Refresh in Excel? I talked about that a few weeks ago. The sad answer is that this…  Read more

  • Banding is one of the most common requirements when you have the need to analyze continuous values, like the retail price of a product which may change over time, due to discounts and price variations. I have already spoken about…  Read more

  • Now that Office 2010 has been released, many people will start looking for resources to start learning PowerPivot. Of course, the book I’m writing will be helpful when it will be published (September 2010), but you can also start with…  Read more

  • Does PowerPivot handle Parent/Child hierarchies? The common answer is “no”, since it does not handle them natively. During last PowerPivot course in London, I have been asked the same question once more and had an interesting discussion about this severe…  Read more

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