Optimizing DAX Workshop - Self-Assessment for Prerequisites to attend the course

This self-assessment has the goal to check whether you have the right prerequisites to attend the Optimizing DAX Workshop in a proficient way. The course is an intensive one and in order to get the maximum from the 2 days, it is important to know the DAX language very well. In particular, the test check your knowledge of evaluation context, context transition, and DAX functions that are commonly used. If you do not have a good confidence of DAX, you might be unable to get the most from the Optimizing course. Depending on your final score, the final message will give you a suggestion to prepare for the Optimizing DAX Workshop, such as topics to study, books, videos, and other courses. In any case, you will be your first judge, especially if you do not feel yourself confident answering to the questions of this test. We suggest you to answer "I don't know, I'm not sure" when you are not able to choose an answer. Read the following questions carefully and find the correct answer from the options provided. We do not provide a suggested time time to answer each question. You should look at the answers and select the one you believe is correct - this is more important than speed. Take the time you need to get the answer correct, but don't waste time once you have the answer you will choose. Some questions are just more difficult, and will naturally take longer to answer. You can access the Internet and other documentation during the test if you like. The goal is to measure your understanding of DAX concepts that are fundamental in performance analysis and optimization. It is not a goal of the test to measure your knowledge of the syntax of DAX measures, so it is ok if you read the documentation of a function to check the position of a certain argument. Remember: don't cheat yourself! You can fill the form in an Anonymous way, or you can leave us your email. We will not disclose the result of your test, guaranteed!

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