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DSV and Views: how to decouple the physical tables from UDM

I just answered to a newsgroup question about the use of views as fact tables to populate cubes. I am a strong supporter of the need to build a star schema before to build a UDM, while I understand that in some circumstances (few data, fast prototypes)  Read more

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The many-to-many revolution: paper finally released!

After a month of editing, I finally released my paper titled “The many-to-many revolution”. I copied in this post the introduction of the 84-page paper that is published (for free!) on a dedicated dimensional modeling page of SQLBI.EU web site. I would  Read more

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DateTool Dimension

DateTool is a special dimension containing regular members that act as calculated members similar to those generated by the Time Intelligence Wizard, without some of the limitations of the Time Intelligence Wizard.   Free download

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Wiki on BI with SQL Server

I just opened the wiki on SQLBI.EU : it contains link to useful resources for BI solution development with SQL Server, so it covers SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and of course SQL Server itself. The wiki works well when there is large contribution, so please share  Read more

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MDX quality improvement in Excel 2007

I just had to profile MDX queries sent to SSAS from some client. Office Web Components (that are used in the cube browser of Management Studio) in many circumstances send a lot of MDX queries, increasing roundtrip between client and server, resulting  Read more

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Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005

I just received a copy of Applied Microsoft Analysis Services , by Teo Lachev . I have to be honest: I already read drafts of this book through this year because I’ve been one of the reviewer. As I said to Teo, I didn’t realized before that this would’ve  Read more

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Dimensional modeling with Analysis Services 2005

First of all, a praise to Ralph Kimball : in the last days I read for the second time his The Data Warehouse Toolkit and this second read has been very inspiring to me. This time I’ve had the perspective of Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS) as OLAP target  Read more

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QueryLog in Analysis Services

More than 2 years ago I posted on the microsoft olap newsgroup a bug on the QueryLog table that Analysis Services uses to log user queries (very important to make usage based optimization). A KB was supposed to be pending, but after two years and a service  Read more

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Cascading many-to-many dimensions: unsupported scenario?

I already opened a bug and written on newsgroup about this specfic scenario, but I still haven’t received an answer. This morning I met Chris Webb in Munich (I’m attending SQL Pass Europe ) and he told me that one year ago someone of MS told him that  Read more