DAX Patterns: Week-related calculations

These are in-depth video lectures of the Week-related calculations pattern.

This pattern describes how to compute week-related calculations, such as year-to-date, same period last year, and percentage growth using a week granularity. This pattern does not rely on DAX built-in time intelligence functions. All the measures refer to the fiscal calendar because the nature of a calendar based on weeks is not compatible with the definition of months in a regular Gregorian calendar.

In case your requirements cannot be fulfilled by week-related calculations using a week-based calendar, then you should use another pattern. Check the Time-related calculations introduction to figure out what is the right pattern for your scenario.


  • Week-related calculations

    • About the Week-related calculations pattern
    • Introduction
    • Building a Date table
    • Computing period-to-date totals
    • Computing period-over-period growth
    • Computing period-to-date growth
    • Comparing period-to-date with previous full period
    • Using moving annual total calculations
    • Moving averages


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  • Richard White (Dec 21, 2020)

    Well delivered

  • Carlos Barboza (Aug 16, 2020)

    Amazing module of Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari. If you need to learn about custom calendar like ISO calendar for retail sales analysis, then this course is for you. Grazie Per Tutti !