DAX Patterns: Survey

These are in-depth video lectures of the Survey pattern.

This pattern uses a data model to analyze correlations between different events related to the same entity, such as customer answers to survey questions. For example, in healthcare organizations the Survey pattern can be used to analyze data about patient status, diagnoses, and medicine prescribed.

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  • Survey

    • About the Survey pattern
    • Introduction
    • Pattern description


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  • Divisha Joe (Oct 16, 2021)

    Good pattern for quantitative data or categorical data (when survey uses multiple choices). Helped me with my thinking of how I want to codify my current survey analysis. Would be good to have one on working with qualitative data. A bit of machine learning involved. Was hoping that the written material would make reference to managing qualitative analysis.

  • Claudio Trombini (Feb 5, 2021)

    Survey pattern is powerful!!!!!!