DAX Patterns: Static segmentation

These are in-depth video lectures of the Static segmentation pattern.

This pattern classifies numerical values into ranges. A typical example is the analysis of sales by price range. You do not want to slice the data by individual price; instead you want to simplify the analysis by grouping prices within ranges of prices. The price ranges are stored in a configuration table and the pattern requires the model to be entirely data-driven. In other words, when the configuration table is updated, the model is updated automatically without requiring any change to the DAX code.

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  • Static segmentation

    • About the Static segmentation pattern
    • Introduction
    • Basic pattern
    • Price ranges by category
    • Price ranges on large tables


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  • Genadiy Tsvetkov (Dec 17, 2023)

    Great pattern! a Practical Exercises section would be benefitial

  • carlos barboza (Sep 8, 2021)

    As always, the Bosses of DAX make another AMAZING solutions for segmenting your data!

  • Sanjeev Soni (Oct 23, 2020)

    The last part still difficult to understand