DAX Patterns: Parameter table

These are in-depth video lectures of the Parameter table pattern.

This pattern is used to create parameters in a report, so that users can interact with slicers and dynamically change the behavior of the report itself. For example, a report can show the top N products by category, letting the users decide through a slicer if they want to see 3, 5, 10 or any other number of best products. The values available for a parameter must be stored in one or more disconnected tables, which do not have a relationship with any other tables of the same model. This chapter includes several examples with the parameter table, but this pattern has an even broader range of application.

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  • Parameter table

    • About the Parameter table pattern
    • Introduction
    • Changing the scale of a measure
    • Multiple independent parameters
    • Multiple dependent parameters
    • Selecting top N products dynamically


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  • Genadiy Tsvetkov (Dec 16, 2023)

    The pattern is great. but there are no practical exercises.

  • Eamonn Kelly (Dec 8, 2023)

    Excellent, In depth explanation of how DAX works, when to use it and why we might want to that particular DAX or pattern given a particular business challenge we are trying to solve. Detailed focused, well built out in logical sequenced steps...Exceptional work! Bloody good job guys!

  • Deborah Compton (Jul 20, 2023)

    Really well explained.

  • Claudio Trombini (Feb 8, 2021)

    always n.1!!!