Tabular Modeling in SQL Server Analysis Services (2nd Edition)

With SQL Server Analysis Services 2016, Microsoft has dramatically upgraded its Tabular approach to business intelligence data modeling, making Tabular the easiest and best solution for most new projects. In this book, two world-renowned experts in Microsoft data modeling and analysis cover all you need to know to create complete BI solutions with these powerful new tools.

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari walk you step-by-step through creating powerful data models, and then illuminate advanced features such as optimization, deployment, and scalability.

Tabular Modeling in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services will be indispensable for everyone moving to Analysis Services Tabular, regardless of their previous experience with tabular-style models or with Microsoft’s older Analysis Services offerings. It will also be an essential follow-up for every reader of the authors’ highly-praised Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1 – Introducing the tabular model
  • CHAPTER 2 – Getting started with the tabular model
  • CHAPTER 3 – Loading data inside Tabular
  • CHAPTER 4 – Introducing calculations in DAX
  • CHAPTER 5 – Building hierarchies
  • CHAPTER 6 – Data modeling in Tabular
  • CHAPTER 7 – Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL)
  • CHAPTER 8 – The tabular presentation layer
  • CHAPTER 9 – Using DirectQuery
  • CHAPTER 10 – Security
  • CHAPTER 11 – Processing and partitioning tabular models
  • CHAPTER 12 – Inside VertiPaq
  • CHAPTER 13 – Interfacing with Tabular
  • CHAPTER 14 – Monitoring and tuning a Tabular service
  • CHAPTER 15 – Optimizing tabular models
  • CHAPTER 16 – Choosing hardware and virtualization
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Great addition to a BI professional’s library

Tamas Polner (May 11, 2017):

I just got it a couple days ago, ordering from MS Press. It’s a great book from Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo again. Not completely a beginner book, but good for those people as well, who already have some experience with Power Pivot/Power BI or some other BI solutions, and want to move to SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular mode. It’s a completely revised version of a previous book on SQL Server 2012. Since they published a detailed book on DAX (The Definitive Guide to DAX – which is a great book btw) more than a year ago, this has less focus dedicated to DAX.

It covers the DAX basics, but you would need the other book as well for a professional level. This book now focuses more on setting up, loading data, operating and working with Analysis Services. MS is doing a great job on developing Analysis Services (in Azure as well) – so it is difficult to keep up with all the developments. The book is as current as possible (currently covering compatibility level 1200) – with even some glimpse into the future, but would not be able to cover everything from future updates. Probably would be a great idea to publish small booklets to update the book with new developments in the future.
What I really like – there is a dedicated chapter for TMSL – Tabular Modeling Scripting language – a JSON format, which was introduced in compatibility level 1200. So even if you know most of the things from previous books, this chapter is worth buying this book as well.
All in all, it’s a great addition to a BI professional’s library, but definitely buy the Definitive Guide to DAX with it, if you don’t have it already. The two books go together well hand in hand.

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