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The #sharepoint 2010 developer reference book

As you might know, I wrote three books about LINQ with Paolo Pialorsi. He’s an expert in SharePoint development and after one year of tough writing it is finally available its Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference book. If you want to write code  Read more

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Microsoft Sharepoint Conference in Italy

Ok, this could be partially off topic, but if you work on BI it is not. I will be a speaker at the Microsoft Sharepoint Conference 2008 in Milan (Italy) on 2 and 3 October 2008. I have one speech about building digital dashboards using SharePoint, Reporting  Read more

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Excel 12 and SharePoint v3

I’ve seen Excel 12 and SharePoint v3 integrated with SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and Analysis Services here at PDC: we’ve seen very little, but enough to understand that this combination is what can really leverage on SQL 2005 BI capabilities. Tomorrow  Read more

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Install Reporting Services SP2 Web Parts on SharePoint

I just installed the Reporting Services SP2 beta on my dev-test machine. I had to search into beta newsgroups how to install SharePoint Web Parts onto my SharePoint Services installation: to do that, you need to start a command like: stsadm.exe -o addwppack  Read more

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BI Portal for SharePoint

A new version of BI Portal Sample is available from Microsoft. It looks good, but I still haven’t tested it. Integrated with SharePoint and Reporting Services. Support of different localizations. It’s not the definitive solution, but may be useful.  Read more