Power Pivot Workshop Advanced – Video Course

The Advanced course enables you to master Power Pivot for Excel. You will understand DAX in depth, which is required for writing complex calculations. You will also learn how to create complex reports and data models by leveraging advanced features of both Excel and Power Pivot.

The course includes almost 4 hours of video in 24 lectures. You need some experience of Power Pivot and the DAX language, or you should take the Beginner and Intermediate courses before this one.

After this course, you will have all the tools and the knowledge to create complex calculations and models using Power Pivot for Excel.

Course Curriculum
  1. Creating Reports and KPI
    •   Creating Reports and KPI
    •   Using KPI in Power Pivot
    •   Advanced Excel Features for Power Pivot
    •   Optimizing the User Experience with the Data Model
  2. Advanced DAX Concepts
    •   Advanced DAX Concepts
    •   Important DAX Concepts​
    •   Filter Context​
    •   CALCULATE​
    •   Row Context​
    •   Evaluation Contexts and Relationships​
    •   Context Transition​
  3. Advanced DAX Functions
    •   Advanced DAX Functions
    •   ​Advanced DAX Functions and Patterns​
    •   RANKX​
    •   Semi Additive Measures​
    •   Event in Progress​
    •   Calculations Over Weeks​
  4. DAX as a Query Language
    •   DAX as a Query Language
    •   ​Basic DAX Query Functions​
    •   Linked-Back Tables in Excel​
    •   Advanced DAX Query Functions​
  5. DAX Patterns
    •   DAX Patterns
    •   DAX Patterns Introduction​
    •   Banding​
    •   ABC / Pareto Analysis​
    •   Parent-Child Hierarchies​
    •   Compare Budget and Sales​
  6. Additional Material and Sample Files​​
    •   Download Sample Files

Course access

  This video course is hosted by SQLBI on Vimeo platform, and it will be accessible by desktop and mobile browsers for three years (36 months) after the purchase date.
After registering to the course, you will receive an email containing the credentials to access the training. Please note that these credentials are intended as personal and you should not share them with other people.

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