VertiPaq vs ColumnStore Comparison


SQL 2012 gives you two different xVelocity engines, with different capabilities and different scenarios of implementation, the paper will help you choose the right one or, at least, raise your curiosity about performing more tests on your specific scenario.

In SQL 2012 the xVelocity engine comes in two different flavors:

In this paper, we are interested in performing an investigation of the performance of the two technologies, comparing the performance of both in similar queries. Moreover, in the process of comparing the speed of both engines, we show some best practices about how to improve performance of both DAX and SQL, in the special scenario where you areĀ using ColumnStore indexes.

It turns out that the two engine run at a comparable speed even if there are important differences that might lead you to choose one against the other in your specific implementation.


Download Paper (PDF)