SSAS Technology Advisor

Are you starting a new project and need to choose between SSAS Tabular and Multidimensional?

Do you have several quotes for your project and need to choose the best one?

Are you wondering whether the system you are going to build will be scalable and will provide the performance you really need?

For all of these questions, a technology advisor can help you find answers. We are experts on every aspect of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and we can advise you on projects of any size or scope. We guarantee that our advisors will help you make very informed decisions. We spend a lot of time looking at future trends, and we have clear insights about which technologies will run the future of analytics—and, yes, we are willing to share this knowledge with you to help you make better decisions!

Read how we helped many companies adopting SSAS Tabular as Analytical Service.

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SSAS Technology Advisor

We offer our services worldwide. The rates are inclusive of travel costs in the EU when visits to customers are required. Contact us to know the rates for other countries.


Our team is made of the best experts in the world on Business Intelligence and we have probably already solved problems like yours in the past.