SQLBI Methodology On-Demand

During many years of work in the Business Intelligence area, we developed a complete methodology to build complex data warehouses. Whether you are fan of Inmon or Kimball, learning our way of structuring a data warehouse might help you avoid common mistakes, which often only appear several years after the data warehouse has been deployed. One of the pillars of the SQLBI Methodology is to take the best of these two worlds, update them with some more layers to reach a good decoupling and provide you with a complete guide to build a complex Data Warehouse using the Microsoft BI stack.

The SQLBI Methodology On-the-Job mentoring activity is divided in two days: in the first one we explain all the details of our methodology, discussing with the attendees each single topic in a very deep way. Then, after the common background is set, we work side by side with attendees checking what kind of improvement they can reach by adopting the SQLBI methodology on their real-world implementations.

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