Design Outsourcing

Do you need to develop or buy a new analytical project? Do you want it to be a top-quality Business Intelligence solution?

We can design the project for you, providing a complete analysis of the solution. Each part is carefully designed to obtain the best performance in your environment. We talk to users, we ask for the reports, we analyze your data sources, and we design the final solution.

After you have our complete analysis, you have a choice: you can develop it yourself, ask for a quote from your usual supplier, or outsource the development to SQLBI.

Recently, we delivered this service to inContact. Read the case study.

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Design Outsourcing

We offer our services worldwide. The rates are inclusive of travel costs in the EU when visits to customers are required. Contact us to know the rates for other countries.


Our team is made of the best experts in the world on Business Intelligence and we have probably already solved problems like yours in the past.