Corporate Solution Assessment

Standard assessment focuses on the Analysis Services (SSAS) part of a Business Intelligence solution. But we know that a complete BI solution can be much more complex. Sometimes customers ask us to verify the full ETL pipeline, the data warehouse (DWH) architecture, the security settings, and the presence of bottlenecks anywhere in the pipeline. If this is the kind of information you are looking for, you need a corporate assessment.

In delivering this consulting service, we follow the complete data flow, starting from the OLTP databases up to the final cube structure, verifying that each step is designed and performs in an optimal way. Each single step is deeply analyzed and double-checked to verify that it follows all of the best practices.

Corporate assessment is a complex project: we indicate a starting price, which is subject to further evaluation, depending on many parameters.

Ask for a quote if you want to perform a complete assessment of your corporate environment.

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Corporate Solution Assessment

We offer our services worldwide. The rates are inclusive of travel costs in the EU when visits to customers are required. Contact us to know the rates for other countries.


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