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Errata corrige

To ensure the ongoing accuracy of this book and its companion content, we have reviewed and confirmed the errors listed below. If you find a new oversight, please report it to us.

  • Page 82: Inverted reference to Total column and row

    In the first paragraph after Figure 4-3 the sentence “In the Total row, the filter is only on the brand, whereas in the Total column the filter is only on the year.” should be inverted.
    The right sentence is “In the Total row, the filter is only on the year, whereas in the Total column the filter is only on the brand.”.

    Edited on Aug 29, 2019
  • Page 91: Missing comma after RELATEDATABLE ( Sales )

    The sample code does not have a comma after line 6 containing RELATEDTABLE ( Sales ). The right code is the following:

    SUMX (
        'Product Category',                   -- Scans the Product Category table
        SUMX (                                -- For each category
            RELATEDTABLE ( 'Product' ),       -- Scans the category products
            SUMX (                            -- For each product
                RELATEDTABLE ( Sales ),       -- Scans the sales of that product
                Sales[Quantity]               --
                    * 'Product'[Unit Price]   -- Computes the sales amount of that sale
                    * 'Product Category'[Discount]
    Edited on Sep 11, 2019
  • Page 322: FILTERS instead of FILTER

    In section “Understanding differences between VALUES and FILTERS” at paragraph 2 line 4 the sentence “VALUES returns two colors, whereas FILTER returns all the filtered four.” wrongly reference FILTER instead of FILTERS. The right sentence is: “VALUES returns two colors, whereas FILTERS returns all the filtered four.”

    Edited on Sep 10, 2019