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Errata corrige

To ensure the ongoing accuracy of this book and its companion content, we have reviewed and confirmed the errors listed below. If you find a new oversight not included in both of the following sections, please report it to us.

Important issues

Corrections in this section are important to fully understand the concepts explained in the book.
  • Page 322: FILTERS instead of FILTER

    In section “Understanding differences between VALUES and FILTERS” at paragraph 2 line 4 the sentence “VALUES returns two colors, whereas FILTER returns all the filtered four.” inaccurately references FILTER instead of FILTERS. The right sentence is: “VALUES returns two colors, whereas FILTERS returns all the filtered four.”

    Sep 10, 2019
  • Page 331: Wrong column reference in code

    Line 4 of the second code block in the page should reference Customer[CustomerKey] instead of Sales[CustomerKey].
    The right code is the following:

    NonBuyingCustomers :=
    VAR SelectedCustomers =
            DISTINCT ( Customer[CustomerKey] ),
            ALLSELECTED ()
    VAR CustomersWithoutSales =
        FILTER (
            ISEMPTY ( RELATEDTABLE ( Sales ) )
    VAR Result =
        COUNTROWS ( CustomersWithoutSales )
    Nov 2, 2019
  • Page 407: Wrong figure reference

    The paragraph after Figure 13-12 inaccurately references another figure; the final sentence of that paragraph should read:

    the result is similar to Figure 13-12, but with smaller amounts:

    Oct 31, 2019
  • Page 555: Value encoding can be used for any numeric type, including floating points.

    The third paragraph in the page must be changed to the following one:

    Value encoding only takes place for numeric columns because it cannot be applied to strings. Be mindful that VertiPaq stores the Currency data type of DAX (also called Fixed
    Decimal Number) as an integer value. Therefore, currencies can be value-encoded as integers too, whereas the Decimal data type (also called Decimal Number) numbers can be value encoded when their floating-point content can be represented with integer values by applying mathematical transformations to the original value.

    Oct 13, 2020
Corrections in this section do not affect the ability to learn the concepts explained in the book.