Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model

The BI Semantic Model (BISM) is the latest way to create an analytical model in Analysis Services, using the fast and optimized VertiPaq Engine.

Learn how to get the best from the new model, with help from three leading authors with expert experience in Analysis Services. Let them share their experience with you, pointing out all the best practices for BISM and comparing BISM with the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) available in Analysis Services, including an analysis of the possible integration between these two worlds.

Whether you are a UDM expert or newcomer, this book will serve as your guide for creating a reference BI solution using BISM.

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If you want to learn SSAS 2012 Tabular and DAX, then BUY THIS BOOK

Kevin S. Goff wrote:

This is an outstanding book. In the past I’ve seen some books (even decent books) that purport to cover one technology, but wind up covering so many other peripheral topics that the book loses sight of the original goal. This one doesn’t – the content focuses precisely on the title: the BISM Tabular Model.

Guys, fantastic job. No book can cover EVERYTHING, but you guys came very close. It’s hard to believe someone could improve on what you did with the Expert Cube Development book (which was awesome and helped me greatly), but you seem to have done it.

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Definitive book for understanding SSAS Tabular

Rob Kerr wrote:

To those who’ve worked with SQL Server Analysis Services, Marco, Chris and Alberto are familiar names synonymous with deep expertise and understanding of the product and how to best use it. This book adds another volume to their collective library of knowledge sharing on this topic they know perhaps better than anyone else.

This book is an excellent comprehensive tutorial and reference for the architecture of SSAS Tabular models, and incorporates the standard far of real-world best practices its authors are well known for.

For anyone looking to accelerate their learning curve on DAX, SSAS Tabular design and the best way to apply these technologies, this is a “must have” reference!

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Excellent SSAS 2012 BISM Tabular Book

J Salvo wrote:

I work with SQL Server 2012 and am eager to learn more about the tabular model. When I saw this book on Amazon, I bought it immediately and am so grateful that I did. I have many technical books that sit on shelves collecting dust; this book is definitely not one of them. After only a few weeks the book is already showing wear from use and I haven’t put it on the shelf yet. I have read it cover-to-cover and plan to do so again – it is truly that good.

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Phil Milner wrote:

If you do Microsoft Business Intelligence beyond simple reporting, this book is a must buy.
The return on your time for using this book will be several orders of magnitude, and the sooner you start, the bigger the return.

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Jason T. Thomas wrote:

Look no further if you are trying to learn the tabular part of SSAS. No other book describes the intricacies and internals of the tabular model than this book. A definite MUST BUY.

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