New article: Understanding blank row and limited relationships
The horizontal fusion optimization reduces the number of storage engine requests when different measures compute the same aggregation with different filters. However, you can get an extra boost for measures that depend on other measures with different filters. This article describes when and how you can create measures that run faster than the built-in fusion optimization.
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• DAX Studio 3.0.6 released!
Performance is the key word for the latest DAX Studio update. A new timeline visualization in Server Timings, improvements in xmSQL/DirectQuery formatting, formula engine benchmark, plus many other features and fixes we cannot list here!
Jan 14, 2023 · Darren Gosbell
• Power BI TMDL and the future of version control for Tabular models
TMDL is the Tabular Model Definition Language announced at SqlBits 2023, during this session that SqlBits kindly made publicly available. Take a look at the future.
Mar 23, 2023 · SqlBits
• Power BI March 2023 Update
This month, a new on-object interaction experience is available in preview, plus new metadata for Scanner API, and email subscriptions for scorecards (and their metrics).
Mar 16, 2023 · Microsoft
• On-object interaction in Power BI
The on-object interaction experience is in preview. It is a separate piece of news which explains in more detail how it works, as it is a big change in the Power BI user experience.
Mar 13, 2023 · Microsoft
• Examples of DirectQuery parallelisation in Power BI
Learn how to improve the parallelism for DirectQuery in Power BI and improve query performance by increasing the SQL workload - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
Mar 19, 2023 · Chris Webb
• On-premises data gateway March release
You should update the gateway every month and if you haven't done so since April 2021, then dataset refreshes are already crashing... Time to update!
Mar 20, 2023 · Microsoft


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