New article: Using calculation groups or many-to-many relationships for time intelligence selection
This article compares two common techniques to filter time periods in DAX: calculation groups and many-to-many relationships.
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The Survey pattern uses a data model to analyze correlations between different events related to the same entity, such as customer answers to survey questions. For example, in healthcare organizations the Survey pattern can be used to analyze data about patient status, diagnoses, and medicine prescribed.
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Marco will be in Australia in June 2023 for three Mastering DAX classroom courses!

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Latest news
• Power BI February 2023 Update
Several reporting updates to improve the user interface, a new editor for row-level security, and new DAX functions for linear regression (LINEST and LINESTX).
Feb 15, 2023 · Microsoft
• On-premises data gateway February release
While you update your data gateway, pay attention to the driver used for MySQL: if you get an error saying that Character Set 'utf8mb3' is not supported by .Net Framework, you should also update the MySQL Connector.
Feb 22, 2023 · Microsoft
• Dynamic what-if with user-entered data in Power BI with DirectQuery
By leveraging the dynamic M parameter, you can pass an arbitrary value to DirectQuery.
Feb 12, 2023 · Chris Webb
• Check & Query Data from Tabular Editor
With Tabular Editor, you can automate the test of your model using DAX query to run in a script. Yes, you should test your model before deploying it in production!
Feb 14, 2023 · Kurt Buhler
• Generate measure descriptions with ChatGPT
Everybody would like to create DAX measures with ChatGPT, and it does not work! However, generating a description of what a DAX measure does, seems more feasible. While it cannot be as accurate as we would like it to be, it could be a good starting point for a manual review and finalization.
Feb 17, 2023 · Darren Gosbell


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