New article: Computing sales to specific customers before and after a time period
This article shows how to manipulate the filter context to create a report with the sales made to a specific customer segment, before and after a selected month.
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This blog post includes an example that clarifies the difference between a filter applied to SUMMARIZECOLUMNS and a filter applied to CALCULATETABLE.
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Latest news
• Power BI August 2022 updates
This monthly release introduces a few minor reporting features and is mostly about bug fixes. Unfortunately, the most important one (a set of improvements to the IntelliSense suggestions provided by the DAX formula bar) introduced a new bug that breaks the automatic code indentation. It happens. Will we see a quick fix in the next few days? We hope so.
Aug 9, 2022 · Microsoft
• On-premises data gateway July 2022 update
Sooner or later, we will not need these monthly updates. By now, we are still in the manual update world.
Aug 1, 2022 · Microsoft
• A Power BI gateway monitoring & troubleshooting solution
If you have a cluster of data gateways, you may want to monitor them. A Power BI template can help you do that without too much effort.
Jun 26, 2022 · Rui Romano
• Custom queries for “Detect Data Changes” in Power BI incremental refresh
A complete example that describes how to implement the “detect data changes” feature in Power BI, getting direct control over what data is refreshed during an incremental refresh.
Jul 31, 2022 · Chris Webb
• Calling the Power BI enhanced refresh API from Power Automate
Another way to control the dataset refresh is to use a specific REST API with Power Automate. No code involved, just a little bit of JSON configuration.
Aug 7, 2022 · Chris Webb
• Tabular Editor 2.17.0
The free version of Tabular Editor continues to get bug fixes and other upgrades. This version supports additional features in the Tabular model and settings sent through group policies.
Aug 11, 2022 · Daniel Otykier
• Analysis Services server properties in Power BI Premium
It is finally possible to set several Analysis Services server properties in Power BI Premium at the workspace level. Settings like DefaultSegmentRowCount and MaxIntermediateRowsetSize are vital for certain business scenario. The bad news is that this feature is available only for Premium Capacity and not Premium per User.
Aug 2, 2022 · Microsoft


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