This article describes the behavior of the DAX functions that manipulate sets; they are useful to create queries and sometimes also to author measures.
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How to create a service principal account to be used with the Power BI API for services that do not impersonate a user account. This content is dedicated to developers and readers already familiar with the Power BI API.
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The Hierarchies pattern describe how to implement calculation based on hierarchies. For example, a measure can show sales as a percentage over the parent of the current level of the hierarchy. Any other calculation can use the same approach by just customizing the calculation associated to each level of the hierarchy.
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• Announcing improved MDX query performance in Power BI
Microsoft released an important optimization for users that connect Excel to Power BI or to Azure Analysis Services. A PivotTable with several measures should now run much faster thanks to the "Fusion" optimization that DAX and Power BI reports have had since 2016.
Oct 7, 2020 · Microsoft
• On-premises data gateway September 2020 update
Your usual reminder to update your data gateway so that it is aligned with the Power BI Desktop September update.
Sep 24, 2020 · Microsoft
• Exporting data from websites for use in Power BI using Power Automate UI Flows
Chris Webb suggests Power Automate as a tool to retrieve data from websites in Power BI: Power Query is great, but it cannot perform interactive operations as Power Automate does.
Oct 4, 2020 · Chris Webb
• Card drill through in Power BI
The Card visual in Power BI now allows drill through natively. Daniil Maslyuk compares the old way and the new way to implement drill through from a Card visual.
Oct 7, 2020 · Daniil Maslyuk


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