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This article provides information to help choose between DAX and Power Query when a table needs to compute additional columns.
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This article describes how to analyze the performance of a DAX measure based on a DISTINCTCOUNT calculation and how to evaluate possible optimizations.
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• Last Mastering DAX classes in North America this year:

  Seattle, US – Nov 12-14

Full schedule available until May 2020:

• First time Mastering DAX in San Diego, Charlotte, and Munich.

• Find your nearest city on SQLBI training page.


Latest news on BI
• Learn about the new Q&A visual
The October release of Power BI includes a brand new Q&A visual that allows you to explore your data using Q&A in the context of your report. Watch this video (only 6 minutes) to see what you can do and start to play with your data. Watch now »
• Why DAX separators cannot be just locale-agnostic as any other language?
Have you ever seen a localized version of languages like SQL, Java, Python, R? Well, Microsoft did that for the Excel formula language, and for a number of reasons they applied the localization of the list and decimal separators to DAX, too. Please, vote and share the idea to get an option in Power BI Desktop to get default separators regardless of locale settings! Contribute »
• Set your Power BI Desktop language with PowerShell
Now that there is a single international setup file, you can run Power BI Desktop in one of the 42 available languages by just running a PowerShell script. All the details in a blog post written by Marcus Wegener. Read more »
• Why does Power BI query my data source more than once?
Chris Webb explains how to avoid multiple queries to the same data sources when you have multiple references to the same transformation in DirectQuery. You need to use the cache and disabling parallel loading is the trick required for web service requests. Read more »
• Refresh your Power BI dataset using Microsoft Flow
You can trigger a Power BI dataset refresh using a Microsoft Flow action. This article shows as an example how to trigger a refresh as soon as an Excel file is updated on a SharePoint list or on a OneDrive folder. Read more »
• Automated Machine learning in Power BI is generally available
The Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is a feature available in Power BI Premium and Embedded. It has been in Preview for a few months and it is now generally available. Read more »
• Tabular Editor 2.8.6 available
This release includes several bug fixes and a great improvement to the script engine. If you are still using Visual Studio to edit your Tabular models, you either have a very small model or you like to spend time drinking your coffee while waiting a response after adding a measure. Productivity, you know?
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• Extending the Analysis Services command timeout in Power BI
Darren Gosbell explains how to extend the timeout for a connection to Analysis Services when you import data in Power BI. This is not required when you have a Live Connection. And remember, if you import data writing your own DAX query is usually faster than using the MDX query generated by Power Query! Read more »
• Find columns and measures used in an SSAS Tabular model
Kasper de Jonge shows how to create a Power BI report that imports the logs of Analysis Services (on Azure or on-premises) with a Power Query transformation that analyzes the DAX query and extract column and measure names.
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