New article: Using tuple syntax in DAX expressions
This article describes the use of the tuple syntax in DAX expressions to simplify comparisons involving two or more columns.
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We completed the Mastering DAX calendar for the first semester of 2024! We added Seattle to the other cities we had announced a few weeks ago, and we now have the full schedule for North America.

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Have you ever wondered why you get a circular dependency error when you connect a calculated column or a calculated table with a relationship? In this unplugged video, you have a full explanation of all the cases where this could happen, and why!

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• The quality problem: a call-to-arms
While the article focuses on data quality, the issue described is pervasive in many areas. However, what is the value of data analytics when you cannot trust the data? DataOps is a methodology that can help, but there is much you can do before adopting it!
Jan 4, 2024 · Kurt Buhler
• Creating alias columns for calculation groups
If the name of a calculated item is not the best for presentation purposes, you can create an alias column and use it in your model. But adding a column is not enough, you must also set the right metadata.
Jan 7, 2024 · Owen Auger
• Visualizing Power BI import mode refresh job graphs
If you have access to a Fabric notebook, you can use Python and a few libraries to display the content of the Job Graph profiler event, which describes what happens during a refresh of a Power BI semantic model (formerly known as dataset). Yes, a feature in DAX Studio could be more accessible. One day...
Jan 7, 2024 · Chris Webb
• Model explorer in Power BI service
You can now use the model explorer when you edit a semantic model online on Power BI service. This way, you can add calculation groups online (including with DirectLake) without relying on external tools. However, the tool is in preview. Take maximum precautions and backup your model first, just in case.
Jan 11, 2024 · Microsoft

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