New article: Using calculation groups or many-to-many relationships for time intelligence selection
This article describes how Power BI uses the Group By Columns attribute of a column and how you can leverage it in specific scenarios.
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Calculations reporting values at the start or the end of a time period are quite the challenge for any BI developer, and DAX is no exception. These measures are not hard to compute; the complicated part is understanding the desired behavior precisely. These calculations do not work by aggregating values throughout the entire period, as you would typically do for sales amounts. Instead, the calculations should return the value at the beginning or the end of a selected time period. These calculations are also known as semi-additive calculations.
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This is so important that it must be in pole position. A best practice is a default choice for patterns and anti-patterns. Optimizations are specific choices to improve performance that must be validated case by case. Do not confuse optimizations with best practices!
Feb 28, 2023 · Kurt Buhler
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If you don't know a date, a blank is better than an arbitrary date in the future (or in the past). It's not Kimball, OK, but this is for a DAX query, not a SQL query.
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The DAX functions CONTAINSSTRING and SEARCH perform much better when Power BI creates a temporary index. But the index is created only when several conditions are met. You might discover that a small detail is blocking your index from being created!
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Just because something is new does not necessarily mean it is better than what you have today. Or perhaps it is, but for someone else. A quick reference to the pros and cons of a data lakehouse.
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• What is Data Security?
The best recap of row-level security (RLS) and object-level security (OLS) for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services databases is in... the Tabular Editor documentation! These also work with the free Tabular Editor 2.
Mar 2, 2023 · Kurt Buhler


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