New article: Introducing RANKX in DAX
RANKX is a simple function that ranks a value within a list of values. Its use is simple but can be a source of frustration for newbies. In this article, we introduce the RANKX function with a few examples.
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The transition matrix enables end-users to analyze changes in attributes over time (like monthly customer ratings) by just manipulating filters in a report and without having to write any custom query.
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Latest news
• DAX Studio 3.0.4
DAX Studio 3 was released 4 weeks ago: like any big release it came with several small issues, that have now been fixed in version 3.0.4. This is a no-brainer update. If you had been waiting to upgrade from v2, you no longer have an excuse!
Sep 26, 2022 · Darren Gosbell
• Power BI September 2022 update
Several improvements without big new features for Power BI in September: hierarchical axis by default, conditional formatting for data labels, translation support for composite models, and more.
Sep 13, 2022 · Microsoft
• Preview of Horizontal Fusion
The September release also includes a preview of a new optimization that should benefit DirectQuery more than VertiPaq - though it was implemented on both engines and reduces the number of storage engine queries, consolidating multiple requests into a single query. While in preview, it must be enabled explicitly.
Sep 19, 2022 · Microsoft
• On-premises data gateway September 2022
Usual reminder about upgrading the data gateway that is now aligned with the September 2022 update.
Sep 14, 2022 · Microsoft
• No Built-In Power Query Connector: Am I Stuck?
If you must connect to a data source that does not have a built-in connector in Power Query, you still have several options to load data in Power BI or Excel. This article is a good recap.
Sep 15, 2022 · Ben Gribaudo
• Manipulate Tabular models with Python by using PyTabular
If you think that you must learn C# to manipulate a Tabular model using TOM, you should realize that you can use any .NET language, including Python.NET. Thanks to the PyTabular package, this is also more Python-friendly!
Sep 15, 2022 · Curtis Stallings
• Super Fast Data Loads to Prod
Switching a large model from development to production in Power BI can be painful because of the full refresh required. Restoring a Power BI Backup can be a more convenient way to do so.
Sep 20, 2022 · Mike Carlo


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