This article explains how to show different customers with the same name in a Power BI report by using zero-width spaces, thus simplifying the presentation without adding visible characters to make the names unique.
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In this article, we share an idea to reduce the friction in using Power BI, by extending the DAX language with new visual calculations.
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• Power BI Desktop May 2020
After experiencing delays for its April 2020 update, Power BI Desktop is back on track with its monthly releases. The May 2020 update includes the preview of change detection, apply all filters, and featured tables for Excel. Other features are officially released, including the two described in the next two pieces of news!
May 19,2020 · Microsoft
• Implementing the Shadow property in Power BI
All visuals in Power BI have a Shadow property, which removes the need for a page background image in order to obtain simple layout separators. Daniele Perilli explains how he implemented this feature as a Power BI contributor.
May 19,2020 · Daniele Perilli
• Standard DAX separators in Power BI Desktop
DAX now has only one separator, at least in Power BI. Arguments are separated by a comma (,) and the period (.) is the decimal separator by default. Localized separators are still available as an option. This does not affect the report – just the formula bar. Copying code from an article is no longer an issue. Marco Russo implemented this change as a Power BI contributor.
May 20,2020 · Marco Russo
• Azure Synapse Analytics in public preview and more
James Serra wrote a useful article with a summary of all the announcements made at Microsoft Build pertaining to the data platform. The biggest announcement being that Azure Synapse Analytics is now in public preview. Pricing is also published for the features available in preview.
May 20,2020 · James Serra
• Improving data refresh performance in Power BI using Table.View
Chris Webb shows us how to optimize Power Query transformations, thus reducing the cost of preview operations that may save up to 50% of the execution time. Read the article to discover whether your model can benefit from this technique.
May 15,2020 · Chris Webb
• Monitoring Power Query memory usage with Query Diagnostics
The Query Diagnostics feature released in April 2020 can be used to diagnose the memory consumption of a Power Query transformation in Power BI Desktop. A lack of memory translates into poor performance, so it is useful to know how to detect this kind of issue.
May 21,2020 · Chris Webb
• Tabular Editor 2.9.8 is digitally signed
The installation of Tabular Editor does not display a red warning anymore. Starting from version 2.9.8, it is digitally signed and trusted by Microsoft Windows. Windows SmartScreen will no longer suggest you stop the installation. Another step in the future: you will soon be able to edit your Power BI Desktop model with Tabular Editor...
May 3,2020 · Daniel Otykier
• Migrating a classic workspace to the new workspace experience
This article describes the migration to the new workspace experience. This feature is in preview, but you should start looking at it before the migration becomes mandatory (one day).
May 7,2020 · Microsoft
• Announcing refresh summary for Premium capacity admins
The administrators of a Power BI Premium capacity now have a useful Refresh Summary page in the Admin Portal, which shows an overview of all the scheduled refreshes activity. This is also useful in order to realize whether you have overlapping activities that could slow operations down.
Apr 19,2020 · Microsoft
• On-premises data gateway May 2020 update
Another month, another gateway update. If it were not important, we would not be mentioning it. But we are looking forward to the day the update is automatic and we can stop worrying about that.
May 20,2020 · Microsoft

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