This article describes how to use conditional formatting with a DAX expression to color the rows of a table in Power BI based on the order number instead of using the alternate rows color formatting option.
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This article describes in which conditions the precedence of calculation groups might return unexpected results when filtering calculation items in both the visuals and the measures present in a report.
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Latest news
• Checking model size using VertiPaq Analyzer in DAX Studio
In this webinar recorded for, Marco Russo shows how VertiPaq Analyzer was integrated into DAX Studio, and explains how to use these features to optimize the size and the performance of a data model.
• Power BI April 2020 Updates
Will we be seeing the April 2020 update of Power BI Desktop by end of April? Hopefully so, because Microsoft has already released the corresponding on-premises data gateway. This should be the first time the gateway appears before the Desktop release. In the meantime, make sure to upgrade your gateway!
Apr 22,2020 · Microsoft
• Designing custom navigation for Power BI apps
The new navigation builder for Power BI apps is now widely available. Step-by-step, Microsoft is turning Power BI into an environment where you build a BI solution. The "Power BI app" vision is materializing.
Apr 9,2020 · Microsoft
• Introducing the 'new look' of workspaces in the Power BI service
A preview of the workspaces ‘new look’ in Power BI service was launched. Microsoft introduced search features, new views, a new layout, and a new user interface. Is a single page that mixes datasets and dataflows a good thing? Now is a good time to provide feedback in the comments of the announcement.
Apr 14,2020 · Microsoft
• Clearing up confusion about Azure Synapse Analytics
James Serra clarifies in 312 words and a diagram what features are available today in Azure Synapse Analytics, vs. what features are coming in the future. No marketing, no utopist promises, just clear facts. Brace yourself for a reality check.
Apr 13,2020 · James Serra
• Copying a visual as an image in Power BI
If you want to copy a visual into an email as a bitmap, now you can do that without relying on a screenshot tool. The result also includes a link to the original report and some other metadata, like date, time, and filters applied. Yes, you can disable this feature, but smartphones can still take photos.
Apr 15,2020 · Microsoft
• How to refresh selected tables in Power BI Desktop
Power BI Desktop does not offer a menu to select individual tables to refresh. But you can achieve this by using the model view, as Gilbert Quevauvilliers shows in this short blog post.
Apr 22,2020 · Gilbert Quevauvilliers
• Restoring Power BI custom visuals no longer available on AppSource
David Eldersveld shows us how to extract a PBIVIZ custom visual file from a Power BI report. This way, you can continue to use the visual in new reports even though it may no longer be available on the Microsoft AppSource. Just like was the case for HTML Viewer a few weeks ago.
Apr 11,2020 · David Eldersveld
• Analysis Services processing parallelism explained
Richard Tkachuk explains how parallelism works when a Tabular model is processed. This topic is explained in detail in a chapter of our Analysis Services book, and Richard provides a quality summary in this article.
Mar 26,2020 · Richard Tkachuk

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