This article describes how to implement a syntax equivalent to the T-SQL function NULLIF and the ANSI SQL function COALESCE, in DAX.
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• DAX Studio 2.10
Here is our favorite Christmas gift: a new release of DAX Studio! You'll find improvements to the embedded VertiPaq Analyzer, new options, new tooltips, and many bug fixes. More details in Darren Gosbell's blog post.
Dec 20,2019 · Darren Gosbell
• Power BI Desktop December 2019
The Christmas release of Power BI includes several improvements and a few new features. We finally have a theme editor and the ability to export the current theme. We also see the first feature coming from the Power BI contributor program: Setting a table column or matrix value as a custom URL!
Dec 18,2019 · Microsoft
• Power BI Contributor's Program
James Dales describes his experience in the Power BI Contributor program. You will see more results from this program in 2020. The future is bright, but unfortunately it's also NDA.
Dec 18,2019 · Microsoft
• Testing the performance of Power BI Reports in the browser, Part 3
Chris Webb added a third article to his analysis of the many possible reasons why a Power BI report can be slow. This time he focuses on rendering time, network latency and performance.
Dec 16,2019 · Chris Webb
• Upcoming changes to the Publish to web feature
In January 2020 Microsoft will change the Publish to web feature, allowing more control over the creation of public embed codes. The feature is still there, but Power BI admins can control who can use it.
Dec 17,2019 · Microsoft
• Power BI Premium and Azure Analysis Services
Microsoft describes the roadmap for Power BI Premium and Azure Analysis Services in this blog post from Richard Tkachuk, Principal Program Manager. Depending on your timing to go in production, you can have more or less options. Here, now, today vs. there, soon, tomorrow.
Dec 7,2019 · Microsoft