This article describes how blank values considered in a DAX conditional expression can affect its query plan and how to apply possible optimizations to improve performance in these cases.
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Sample query plan


This article shows a basic technique used to sort months according to a fiscal calendar, by using a couple of calculated columns and the “sort by column” feature of Power BI.
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Sort by columns

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Latest news
• Updated Ribbon Experience for Power BI Desktop
Power BI Desktop November 2019 introduced a new ribbon experience, which is in preview and must be manually activated. This is a more Office-like experience and it is a work in progress: expect changes in the next releases based on customers feedbacks.
Nov 12,2019 · Microsoft
• Decomposition tree visual in Power BI
This is probably the longest awaited feature for data visualization in a Microsoft BI tool and in Power BI Desktop in particular. After the acquisition of ProClarity (in 2006) we have seen a decomposition tree in SharePoint, but now it is in preview with Power BI Desktop November 2019.
Nov 8,2019 · Microsoft
• Creative aggregations in Power BI
Phil Seamark wrote a series of articles describing different type of aggregations you can create in Power BI. Before creating a model in DirectQuery counting on aggregations to solve performance issue, you should really read these articles. Or just import your data, of course.
Nov 15,2019 · Phil Seamark
• The updated Power BI end-to-end diagram
Melissa Coates published a new version of the Power BI end-to-end diagram, which includes all the services that can take part of a Power BI solution. Warning: large monitor required to get the full picture!
Nov 19,2019 · Melissa Coates
• A low cost approach for paginated report subscriptions in Power BI
A detailed blog post by John White describes how to implement paginated reports without Power BI Premium, running the service for scheduled reports only a few hours a day/week/month with the Power BI Embedded Azure service. This is the pay-per-use cloud world that we like!
Nov 12,2019 · John White
• Self-paced lab for creating paginated reports
Microsoft provides a self-paced lab to learn how to use Power BI Report Builder to create paginated reports. And remember, Power BI Report Builder can be used for free, locally on your PC. You do not need Power BI Premium for that.
Nov 16,2019 · Microsoft
• How to use VertiPaq Analyzer with Power BI
Patrick LeBlanc (from Guy in a Cube) and Marco Russo show how to use the new VertiPaq Analyzer integrated in DAX Studio to optimize a Power BI data model.
Nov 13,2019 · Guy in a Cube
• Analyze a Power BI data model without the PBIX file
VertiPaq Analyzer 2.0 has the ability to export a VPAX file from DAX Studio to enable a remote analysis of the data model without having access to the PBIX file. In this second video Marco Russo and Patrick LeBlanc describe this procedure step-by-step.
Nov 20,2019 · Guy in a Cube