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Creating a slicer that
filters multiple columns
in Power BI

This article describes how to create a slicer showing the values of multiple columns, applying the filter on any of the underlying columns. Read more »



Upcoming DAX courses Early Bird

• Last few days of early bird for courses in October:

  Denver, CO, US – Oct 2-4

  Washington, DC, US – Oct 8-10

  Amsterdam, NL – Oct 8-10 (new date!)



Latest news on BI

• Customize branding of Power BI service
You can make your marketing team happy by customizing the branding of Power BI Service: logo, cover image, and theme color are your choice now. Read more »
• New look in Power BI mobile
The Power BI mobile app has a "new look" in preview. It includes the new customized branding assigned to Power BI service (see previous news) and it shows a better preview of the reports in home page. That's a very good reason to use this app. Just take care of the preview if you have sensitive data you don't want to show in home page! Read more »
• URL parameters for paginated reports
Paginated reports in Power BI service now support parameters in the URL. This also includes the ability to specify the rendering type in the URL, getting a PDF using a single link. The next step is a full integration with Power BI reports. And we are still waiting for paginated reports in Power BI Pro, of course. Read more »
• Chart.xkcd for Power BI
If you read, you need this custom visual that creates charts using the same style used by the webcomic. If you don't like the style, just skip to the next news. Otherwise, you probably want to use this visual to make your next presentation to a geeks audience. Read more »
• Analysis Service 2019 RC1 available
Analysis Services 2019 is still in preview but it is now feature complete. The recently released RC1 includes custom order for calculation items in calculation groups and other improvements for scalability and performance. These features are already available in Azure Analysis Services, too.
Read more »
• Setting Azure Analysis Services properties not visible in SSMS
Chris Webb wrote a precious blog post explaining how to modify server properties for Azure Analysis Services that are not visible in SQL Server Management Studio. For example, you can customize MaxIntermediateRowsetSize for DirectQuery – important tweaks that could be necessary one day. Read more »
• First review of The Definitive Guide to DAX
Well, this is not a review. Chris Webb explains the three possible answers to the question "Did you know that the second edition of The Definitive Guide To DAX has just been published?". We approve his answers! Read more »



Back to school, back to study

Did you enjoy summer holidays? Good! Now it's time to read the articles you might have missed in the last few months: