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The Definitive Guide to DAX – second edition

The second edition of The Definitive Guide to DAX is now available worldwide! This blog post explains why we felt the need to rewrite the book and describes what happens behind the scenes when producing a book. Read more »



Blank row in DAX

There are two functions in DAX that return the list of values of a column: VALUES and DISTINCT. This article describes the difference between the two, explaining the details of the blank row added to tables for invalid relationships. Read more »



Upcoming DAX courses

Get your complimentary copy of The Definitive Guide to DAX (2nd edition) in one of the upcoming Mastering DAX classes!

United States:

  Chicago, IL, US – Sep 17-19

  Denver, CO, US – Oct 2-4

  Washington, DC, US – Oct 8-10


  Toronto, ON, CA – Nov 12-14


  Amsterdam, NL – Oct 1-3

  Copenhagen, DK – Oct 22-24

  Amsterdam, NL – Dec 10-12



Latest news on BI

• Power BI Desktop August 2019 Update
You can finally group two or more visuals in a Power BI report, moving them together and applying shared properties, such as a common background color. Between the many other improvements, it's important to highlight the general availability of Key Influencers, which now also support measures.
Read more »
• Using SVG icons in Power BI
Laura Graham-Brown wrote an interesting series about using SVG in Power BI. The latest post covers SVG Icons in theme files, but if you don't know SVG at all, you should. It's just a string, after all - and you can learn the basics about them in the first posts of the series. Read more »
• Safely removing columns in Power Query
You get a table from a data source ignoring a few columns you don't need. When one of these columns is removed from or renamed on the data source, your query is broken. Daniil Maslyuk suggests how to avoid this issue. Because you don't want to see your scheduled refresh failing over a weekend after a database schema update. Read more »
• Power BI Premium Capacity settings
Administrators of a Power BI Premium capacity can now modify several settings, including a critical one if you use DirectQuery (max intermediate row count) and a fundamental one for everybody (query memory limit). Every administrator of a Power BI Pro tenant is jealous at this point. Read more »
• Star schema, all the things!
Microsoft introduced a Guidance section in the Power BI documentation and the first article is about data modeling. We teach DAX and creating a good data model is against our interests, because you simplify the DAX code needed! Well, for this reason we also teach data modeling, we like to stay in the game. Read more »
• Connect Power BI to Analysis Services outside of domain
Gilbert Quevauvilliers describes how to connect Power BI Desktop to an on-premises Analysis Services instance working on a laptop outside of the domain. This is gold for consultants. Read more »
• Connect Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Dataflows
Well, Microsoft only announced half of this. Azure Analysis Services can connnect to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLSg2), which is the storage of Power BI dataflows. But interpreting the structure (Common Data Folder – CDM) is up to you, by now. Look at the comments to the article, Simon Nuss provides some useful hints. Read more »