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Filter top 3 products for each category in Power BI

This article describes different techniques to display the first three products for each category in Power BI. It includes considerations on how to adapt the technique to different models and requirements. Read more »



Understanding the application of calculation items

This article explains how calculation items are applied to measure references, and it is the third part of a series dedicated to calculation groups in DAX. Read more »



Upcoming courses Early Bird

• Mastering DAX courses coming soon:

  Chicago, IL, US – Sep 17-19

  Denver, CO, US – Oct 2-4

  Washington, DC, US – Oct 8-10

  Copenhagen, DK – Oct 22-24

  Toronto, ON, CA – Nov 12-14



Latest news on BI

• Power BI Desktop July 2019 Update
The buzz of the new release of Power BI Desktop is all about customizable icon sets for table and matrix! But there are other important features like the new single installer and the general availability of aggregations for DirectQuery, now supporting RLS. Read more »
• Sending refresh notifications to others
This is holiday time in many countries and you might want to send Power BI refresh failure notifications to other users other than you. It is now possible to do this. Will this be enough to avoid phone calls during your holiday? Murphy's law would say no... Read more »
• On-premises data gateway July 2019
As anticipated, the July 2019 version of the gateway requires .NET 4.7.2. This stops compatibility with older operating system and it might install a new version of .NET on your server. Be careful and this time read the documentation! Read more »
• BISM Normalizer
Christian Wade announced the release of BISM Normalizer, which supports Visual Studio 2019. If you need a tool to compare two versions of a Tabular model, this is what you are looking for. Download now »