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DAX 101: Computing running totals in DAX

DAX 101 is a new series of short articles describing how to solve common requirements in DAX. The first article is about computing running totals in DAX.
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Understanding relationships in DAX

Alberto Ferrari presented at SQLBits 2019 the session Understanding relationships in DAX: if you need evidence of why bidirectional filters must be used carefully, you should watch this! Watch now »



Upcoming SQLBI courses

Mastering DAX:

  London, UK – March 13-15 Last seats

  Vancouver, BC, CA – March 13-15 Last seats

  Amsterdam, NL – April 9-11

Data Modeling for Power BI:

  Chicago, IL, US – March 25-27 Last seats

  Amsterdam, NL – May 8-10

  Calgary, AB, CA – June 3-5



Smart Filter 2.0.6

OKViz just released a new version of Smart Filter Pro for Power BI. It includes a few bug fixes and the most requested feature among users: autocomplete!
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Latest news on BI

• Calculation Groups in DAX – first impressions
Microsoft announced at SQLBits a very important feature for DAX: Calculation Groups. Marco Russo shares his first impressions about the new feature and the impact it will have on Analysis Services and Power BI.
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• Power BI data lineage experience for dataflows
This new feature in Power BI dataflows shows a diagram with a visual representation of the dependencies between different data sources and dataflows. While still in preview, Power BI dataflows looks very interesting to split the transformation from the semantic model in Power BI, also enabling to share common transformations between different datasets. Read more »
• Power BI Template Apps
Microsoft is replacing Power BI Content Packs with Power BI Apps. You can now create templates enabling the deployment of a Power BI solution to a large number of companies. This services requires a registration in the Cloud Partner Portal so you can publish your solution on Microsoft AppSource. Read more »
• Handling different granularities in Power BI using slicers groups
Chris Webb describes a Power BI technique to manage measures at different granularities by just leveraging slicer synchronization instead of writing DAX code or modifying the data model. This could be your only option connecting to certain data sources. Read more »
• Deploying and Managing Power BI Premium Capacities
Peter Myers wrote a white paper for Microsoft describing the best practices to manage a Power BI Premium capacity. The initial part includes an introduction useful for your system administrators that are not Power BI practitioners, and then it goes deep in analyzing metrics and options available to the capacity administrators. Read more »
• DAX Studio Parameters Dialog
Darren Gosbell describes one of the new features of DAX Studio 2.8: you can define the parameters of a DAX query in a Parameter Dialog, also generating the required XMLA if you are sending a DAX query from your own application instead of using SQL Server Reporting Services.
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• Videos from SQLBits 2019
SQLBits is probably the largest European conference on Microsoft Data Platform. It is entirely community driven and this year Microsoft chose that event to announce new features in SQL Server 2019 and Analysis Services 2019. And the best news is that you can already watch most of the recorded sessions for free! Watch now »