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Hiding future dates for calculations in DAX

This article describes how to write DAX measures that computes aggregations or comparisons with past dates without showing dates in the future. Read more »



Smart Filter Pro publicly available

The first commercial version of Smart Filter Pro is publicly available. This custom visual for Power BI is a special kind of slicer that can apply filters on multiple columns, providing incremental search and pattern-based filters.
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Next SQLBI courses

• Next Data Modeling for Power BI Courses:

  Chicago, IL, US – Mar 25-27

  Amsterdam, NL – May 8-10

  Melbourne, VIC, AU – Jul 23-25

• Next Mastering DAX courses:

  Atlanta, GA, US – Feb 11-13 Last seats

  Amsterdam, NL – Feb 19-21 Last seats

  London, UK – Mar 13-15 Early Bird expiring soon

  Vancouver, BC, CA – Mar 13-15



DAX Studio 2.8.2 released

After almost one year since the previous release, DAX Studio has an important update with several new features and many fixes. Download now »

DAX Studio



Latest news on BI

• DAX Date Template 1.08
A small update to fix a bug in the week number of fiscal years – but if you missed the largest update released one month ago (1.07) you should not miss this one. Download now »
• Email subscription time-based scheduling
You can now set a time-based subscription schedule for your reports and dashboard in Power BI. You can send the email at the time you desire instead of "after the last refresh". Long awaited feature! Read more »
• Detecting missing parameters in DAX queries
Passing parameters to DAX queries is important working with Reporting Services. Marco Russo shows how to detect missing parameters correctly – no, they are not blank, and this is the issue! Read more »
• Power BI Report Server Update: January 2019
A new version of Power BI Report Server is available, providing row-level security and many features released in the past few months on Read more »
• Microsoft introduced custom visuals with in-app purchase (IAP)
The AppSource library of custom visuals now better supports commercial custom visuals, which require a licensing fee to access advanced features. Visuals with in-app purchase (IAP) are highlighted in the marketplace so that the user know in advance that a licensing fee is required for some features. Read more »
• Why Smart Filter Pro does not use IAP
The IAP feature introduced by Microsoft does not work well for all the custom visuals. Indeed, OKViz does not support this feature yet, using a different technique to distribute and license commercial custom visuals. The article also describes the missing IAP features that would increase the adoption of this technology in commercial custom visuals. Read more »
• SVG Image Sparklines on Rows in Power BI Tables
Reid Havens published a video describing how to implement sparklines displayed within the rows of a Power BI table visualization. The SVG code is dynamically generated using DAX measures and the Image URL data category type. This technique is very useful waiting for some Power BI feature that could produce the same result without additional code! Watch now »
• SQLBI in Manchester
Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari will be at SQLBits 2019 (Feb 27th - Mar 2nd) in Manchester, also participating to a panel (Feb 27th) with Adam Saxton, Patrick LeBlank, and Chris Webb at the Power BI Manchester User Group (waitlist open).