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Optimizing DAX with cardinality estimation: computing working days

Estimating the cardinality of iterators is an important skill when optimizing DAX code. This article explains how to use this technique, evaluating different ways of computing the number of working days between two dates. Read more »



DAX optimization examples video

How can you optimize your DAX expressions? In this session, Alberto Ferrari analyzes DAX expressions and Tabular models, then utilize DAX Studio and VertiPaq Analyzer to explore how to optimize them. Watch now »



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Latest news on Business Intelligence

• Tabular Editor 2.7.3 released
There are no doubts that Tabular Editor is the more productive editor for Analysis Services Tabular models. Well, it works also for Power BI template files, even though it is not officially supported for that - yet. The script method FormatDax is worth the update. Read more »
• New monitoring capabilities for Power BI Premium Capacities
Microsoft released a service app to monitor Power BI Premium capacities - this is a must have to understand what is going on and if it's time to upgrade to a larger capacity (or downgrade, maybe!) Read more »
• Power BI Developer community update - August 2018
Some updates for developers using Power BI Embedded, and a preview for the Power BI REST APIs for the new workspace experience in Power BI. New API version (2.1) for custom visuals and support of localization are the other news of the month. Read more »
• No news, good news
The last two weeks have been slow for news, but it was the end of holiday seasons in many countries. The following weeks will be hectic. We know that Microsoft will release a new version of Power BI Desktop in September, and other announcements and releases will follow before the end of the year. Well, we do the same! We are almost ready to release something useful to all the DAX developers. Maybe in the next newsletter? Stay tuned!



How to learn DAX

Whether you are starting from scratch or have already learned the basics of DAX, this guide will show you all the steps to follow in order to master the Power BI and Analysis Services query language. Start learning here »