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Expanded tables in DAX

Expanded tables are the core of DAX; understanding how they work is of paramount importance. This article provides a theoretical foundation of what expanded tables are, along with fundamental concepts useful when reading DAX code. Read more »


Marco and Alberto on data modeling in Power BI

Watch Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari talking about SQLBI latest video course on data modeling for Power BI in this 20-minute interview. Watch now »

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Next DAX courses

Don't miss our next Mastering DAX classes:

May 15-17
May 16-18
Jun 4-6
Optimizing DAX is available in Seattle on June 7-8.


Power BI Desktop April update, Power BI Gateway update and more...

• Power BI Desktop April 2018 update
Power BI Desktop April 2018 is available. Q&A Explorer is now available on the Desktop. The real big news is that the linguistic schema can be exported and imported (in a YAML file). No documentation yet, but it sounds promising. Very early adopters can already start to play with it. Read more »
 • Power BI Gateway March 2018 update
Power BI Gateway March update is available. Really, there should be an automatic update for this – but it seems not coming very soon, so keep updating. Read more »
 • Power BI roadmap announcements
Chris Webb described Power BI roadmap announcements published in Dynamics 365 Spring ’18 Release Notes. Releasing a roadmap of a product in the release notes of another product is an interesting marketing strategy. Now everybody knows Dynamic 365. Read more »
 • Comparing Power BI vs Tableau
Jason Thomas published a comparison between Power BI and Tableau, comparing features and prices. Take a look at the comments, too – there are useful feedbacks and other valuable information there. Read more »
 • [UPDATE] Changing the culture of a Power BI Desktop file
We updated the article about how to change the culture of a Power BI Desktop file. The new technique using Tabular Editor is much more reliable (and easier) than the previous one. Read more »
 • Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018
The Microsoft Data Insight Summit has been incorporated in a new, larger conference named Microsoft Business Applications Summit. Power BI is just one part of a strategy including PowerApps and Dynamics 365. Uncommon date choice: July 22-24, 2018. But the weather in Seattle should be really nice then. Read more »
 • Power BI Embedded update
Many news for Power BI developers working on Power BI Embedded and custom visuals. Microsoft also released the Bookmarks API, so we will be able to implement them in OKViz custom visuals, too. Read more »
• SQL Server Management Studio 17.6
SQL Server Management Studio 17.6 is available, but there is no news for Analysis Services, just a bug fix. Read more »
• Implementing as partition processing via Azure functions
Bill Anton shows how to implement partition processing of Azure Analysis Services via Azure functions. Writing some lines of C# is still a useful skill in the cloud-based world. Read more »