How to design beautiful dashboards in Power BI – the cure: 15 rules for everyone #powerbi

Is there a secret recipe to create a beautiful dashboard? Why do we need to use “beautiful”? Would “useful” be a better adjective? If you think for a moment, you know that we are attracted by the “beautiful”. It is important for a first impression, but


Santa Claus brings presents to #dax, #powerbi, and #ssas #tabular users

If you think that the end of the year would have been a quiet time because the Power BI team will skip their monthly release (but are we sure?), you might be reassured (or disappointed depending on your perspective) looking at the news I have in this


Display data on customized maps in #powerbi (also offline) leveraging SVG format

Last week Amir Netz presented in the Power BI blog a detailed introduction to the Synoptic Panel written by Daniele Perilli. This component won Power BI best visual contest in October, but since then we received many feedback and Daniele worked on it